I have a defense team , did you know that ?

Probably not.

Every lie you tell they add a brick.

Brick by invisible brick.

It’s quite clever you see.

But that’s the point ..you can’t.

They’re your legacy.

Soon your lips will pucker to reach mine

And Bam. Ouch.What’s that ?

How do you not recognise your own creation ?

You seem smaller to me today.

But I stand tall

Protected by this invisible wall.

(C) Slumpless


Lonely Boy

I’m not special

I’m just a cushion for you to rest your head.

When I go..I’m dead,

Or as good as.

Oh lonely boy.

You always need to fill the gaps

You’re afraid of your own thoughts.

Sitting alone is not an option for you.

I know it.

I am the same.

But the difference with this soul

Is self control.

I fill the void with other things

Things that won’t hurt you if you find out.

So lonely boy , what’s it going to be ?

Rest for a while on my breast then move on to the next ?

Or are you finally ready to call me home ?

Deal with your demons, I can see them lurking in corners

They play with mine.

But memories are just smoke

And if you breathe out

You can blow them away.

(C) Slumpless

Catching Stars

I can’t hope to catch the stars

Their jagged edges would cut through my net

And then what ?

To have but for a moment

Shimmering shine.

All mine.

But then for it to go?

How could my feet touch soil

My hands and body toil

Day after mutinous day

When my light had gone away?

I won’t lie in the gutter and look at the stars

I will hold the moon

Swing like a baboon.

I will not search for heaven on earth

Magic ends at birth

I will strap myself to comet

Whirl and soar and bathe in whispy galaxy

I will be part of the dream

Rather than the sleep

I will become the starlight

While you below shall weep.

(C) Slumpless

Gas Light

You met your match, you lit the light

And you didn’t think I shone so bright

So you played me like a cat plays with a mouse

You spat at my house

You thought I had no idea

Your old methods worked before

But I’m not humble brother

I’m not stupid mother

Naive whore.

You knocked on the wrong door.

My brain forms connections while yours lies dormant

I know a serpent when I get bitten once

But I’m the charmer

Not you.

If you need to stick your dick

In other doors ,

Then do it silly

But your balls will get chilly

I’m not the jealous kind

I think you want me to mind.

I think your lies are how you try to control me.

Make me think I’m crazy.

Crazy girl. Crazy girl.

Lucky for me, I know I’m Loco.

But not for you and never because.

Oh there now. Don’t cry those crocodile tears my dear.

It’s ok to be caught out by someone like me.

I’m clever you see ? Not the fool you hoped I’d be.

So do stop your lying

It’s ever so trying.

Kinda boring if I’m honest

You’re turning me off.

Soon there will be no electricity

Just gas light.


Golden sands

You don’t belong on golden sands

Holding hands

Smiling into the sunset.

You have miles to go on rocky roads

On paths cemented with lies

Disheveled bits of all the hearts you chewed and then spat out

Do you really think the sun will set on your behaviour and rise on your command?

Do you really think you can burn the hand that holds your head on her lap

And ever go back ?

You don’t belong on beaches

In blue waters

With anyone’s daughters.

So stay on rougher ground

Be a hog and sink in mud

Because golden sands are made for the good.

(C) Slumpless

Coffin girl

Can I offer you a coffin ?

There was nothing but sincerity in his tone.

‘I’m not quite ready for that ‘ I laughed

‘Oh but you are’. He said

You are already dead.

Dead ? What did he mean ?

I looked down at my hands

And saw nothing but bones

No smooth flesh no veins.

I was skeleton from tarsals to top.

Poor corpse. Poor corpse.

Running around pretending to be alive.

‘I ..I thought I had this covered, I didn’t think they knew.’

‘No my dear, it’s obvious you’re a corpse right through and through.’

(C) Slumpless

Lost Parts

I thought love was give and take.

Give. Give.Take.Take.

Either way, parts being lost and handed over.

More and less.

But suddenly I knew it shouldn’t

It ought to be teach and learn

No yank or burn.

Both gaining without taking

Solving without dissolving.

I now know what love is.

It wasn’t us. Not for years

We lived on pulling and pushing tears.

And the hardest part is not losing each other

But winning the battle.

(C) Slumpless