Ode to WordPress

I was quite the mess

Before you WordPress.

How I’ve grown to adore that little brown dot

Around which I  judge my work…my worth

No I’m just kidding

But it means a lot .. that brown dot.

How my heart sings when I see

That beautiful ‘W’. The perfect font

It’s all I want.

No I’m just kidding again.

But it’s true

I do love that ‘W’.

As for your staff they have been truly great

Even if  questions to WordPress do not relate !

Thank you again for letting me express

My ups and downs

My joys, my stress.

All kidding aside

This is where I hide.

Lose myself on my site

Out of sight.

“More Words Less Slump”?

Without you I’d be a chump

Talking to walls.

Last but by no  means least

My fellow bloggers, my fellow writers

My fellow fighters:

Thank you for reading

Please never stop.







Bottom Feeder

Should I do it again ?

Is it wise

To take away the surprise?

What have I got to lose?

My sanity if it goes wrong.

Can I really keep singing the same song?

How deep can I sink ? READ MORE:

Heart to Art

What is Art if not from the heart?

The Soul?

What’s the point ?

If the thought has not traveled through

Every capillary

Soaking up all the dirt and mirth

Then don’t let it out.

Let it  simmer until it shimmers.

Don’t be afraid to show that idea in all its ugly glory

Only after seepage should it see page.

Let it age well like a fine wine.

Give it time my friends.

Give it time.

(c) Slumpless


You’re a Bl#*t

You were blunt force trauma to my brain

You left me half the person I was,

Relearning everything I thought I knew.

You are covered in my blood

Does it feel good ?

You wear it well..


wInk 3

It will be rough seas from now on

If you let me loose.

If you untangle the noose.

I’m used to it now.

The when?  The how?

The to the fro. READ MORE: