I have never felt so untethered, so loose about the soul

I’m not sure the universe is big enough for my longing

or deep enough for my crazy.

I have never been so mad and so miserable

Not in this way at least.Not for so little.

Our paths have diverged.

I’m pretty sure now that the fiery hue of the bang is waning

That you are on tarmac while I tread stony uncertain paths.

You’re miles ahead of me but you still seem big .

Distance is not giving me perspective.

The truth is I’m enjoying it all.

I’ll breathe a thousand breaths between loving you and someone else.  

Is a thousand too many or too few? what would you think? What should I do?

I’ll be better but don’t even smile at me. You’ll send me under with those lips.

If they part ways then I never can.

Is my bed too desperate? Too dirty for you? Did you sense the desperation even before I felt its agonising clutch.

Lick me well, scratch it better, fondle my thoughts it makes me …..

I’ll always smile, I’m chamomile on the surface,

coffee in the soul.

Soothing breaths of palpable fury

You’re judging me

I judge myself.

There’s no point now to any of this.

It’s come too far from our first kiss.

(c) Slumpless

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