Ode to WordPress

I was quite the mess

Before you WordPress.

How I’ve grown to adore that little brown dot

Around which I  judge my work…my worth

No I’m just kidding

But it means a lot .. that brown dot.

How my heart sings when I see

That beautiful ‘W’. The perfect font

It’s all I want.

No I’m just kidding again.

But it’s true

I do love that ‘W’.

As for your staff they have been truly great

Even if  questions to WordPress do not relate !

Thank you again for letting me express

My ups and downs

My joys, my stress.

All kidding aside

This is where I hide.

Lose myself on my site

Out of sight.

“More Words Less Slump”?

Without you I’d be a chump

Talking to walls.

Last but by no  means least

My fellow bloggers, my fellow writers

My fellow fighters:

Thank you for reading

Please never stop.







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