This threadbare heart

Jumped to a start when you called me.

The worn out threads

The remaining shreds

Locked back into place.

It only takes a blink

And its fabric is renewed.

But it It only takes a wink

To unravel.

Hold those needles carefully

They are attached to the root of me.

(c) Slumpless


Count To Down

I’m counting down to the next black day

To the next time I can’t cope

When functioning normally

Is a distant hope.

My outline is always framed in fear

Bleeding slowly inwards

Swallowing my colour up.

It is hard to live in the now

When there is always darkness on the horizon.

Does it get better ?

Not always.

(c) Slumpless




It was your limp that caught me

Pinned my heart and stopped it beating.

Your over sized bag probably full of leaflets.

Full of hope.

Your limp and your wrinkled suit.

Your over shiny shoes, worn at the heels.

Who am I to pity you ?

At least you have a job.

But my aching heart wouldn’t stop and as I strode by

I was afraid you would feel it.

The rain fell heavier on you and even though I was soaked to the skin

I sensed you were soaked to the soul

Drenched in water and pity.

(c) Slumpless


Slices of me are scattered about
Ready for chewing
I've given them all away.
I'm sliced to the bone.
But there's always tomorrow.
And the marrow
Don't forget the marrow.


Sweet Soul

I sugar coated my soul for you

Let you roll it about your mouth

You didn’t spit it out

You  just dribbled.

I watched it turn around your tongue

All the colour seeping away

Coating your taste buds.

But then you realised the middle was hard

No sweetness when you get past the the shell.

Oh well.

No one likes the core.

Not anymore.

(c) Slumpless