Remember That.

They say it’s love before sight

And it’s true.

I loved you before you were born.

Before you were torn from me.

Before those tiny hands grabbed my fingers

And your cries filled the night.


The flood of new love

That washes over me every day

Still takes me by surprise.

I’ve gotten to know you my darling

And you have quite the sense of humor

And quite the temper.

But when you grab my hand and kiss it

And I feel like the heavens have gifted me.


The world has never seemed so great

And it has never seemed so threatening.

Every day is precious with you my son.

Oh there are those out there

Who break these bonds

Who cut the branches from the trees.

But you will never be severed from heart

The universe may be infinite

But so is my love for you.

And when I am ashes

And tears fall from your lashes

Remember that.

(c) Slumpless



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