Sweet Soul

I sugar coated my soul for you

Let you roll it about your mouth

You didn’t spit it out

You  just dribbled.

I watched it turn around your tongue

All the colour seeping away

Coating your taste buds.

But then you realised the middle was hard

No sweetness when you get past the the shell.

Oh well.

No one likes the core.

Not anymore.

(c) Slumpless


Cancel me

Cancel me

Keep me keen

Treat me mean? I won’t stay keen.

I’ll get bored if I’m not adored.

Giving me less doesn’t impress.

if I have to wonder too much

About our next touch

Or wait too long.

Absence makes my heart forget.

In a while crocodile?

Get F%#*ed Daffy Duck.

(C) Slumpless