Keep me keen

Treat me mean? I won’t stay keen.

I’ll get bored if I’m not adored.

Giving me less doesn’t impress.

if I have to wonder too much

About our next touch

Or wait too long.

Absence makes my heart forget.

In a while crocodile?

Get F%#*ed Daffy Duck.

(C) Slumpless


I floundered in those eyes of yours.

I tried to get a grip

But it’s not water that fills those pools of blue

It’s something much less tangible

My hands slip at the edges.

I’m slipping.

(c) Slumpless


The softest touch and my skin will crack.

A hairline but compromised just the same.

It’s all a game.

You’re the bludgeon.

It’s your dungeon. READ MORE

Two Pin

Did I knock the joy out of you ?

Did I cause this ?

I have spent so much time blaming you

But maybe you’re right.

Maybe I tried to change you.

Doesn’t every woman ?

Wait no. I didn’t. READ MORE

Remember That.

They say it’s love before sight

And it’s true.

I loved you before you were born.

Before you were torn from me.

Before those tiny hands grabbed my fingers

And your cries filled the night. READ MORE


Come find me in the night

The pulsing  core of me will guide you.

The heat of my want will tantalize your skin

I am cactus and you a weary traveler.


Eat me.
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