Would You Remember Me?

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Would you remember me dear

If I disappeared?

Would you remember  the picnics ?

Cracking eggs into the batter

The painting, the splatter?

Would you remember me holding you when you fell

Kissing your cheeks, holding you tight

Tucking you into bed at night ?

Would you remember how I stared at you in wonder

Love tearing me asunder?

Would you remember the books we read

The films we watched

How  my heart never felt so full.

Would you remember it beating close to your head

Would you remember anything I said?

Oh my love, my darling, my joy

If I were in the ground

Would you remember the sound

Of my voice ?

Would I want you to ?

(c) Slumpless


You are not as interesting as I thought

Or as beautiful as you appear

You never gave me anything

Except the occasional sneer.

And although I could stare at you for a while

And lose myself in a daze

You have no sweetness inside you

You are nothing but the glaze.

(c) Slumpless




Puff. Puff.



You billowed those sheets

Like they were made of cloud

And I was a seagull watching you

Against cerulean blue.

Puff. Puff.

The air whipped and wept

Those sails

Taking you away from me

Over the sea.

But I am gull and gall

I will find you

Despite it all.

(c) Slumpless



I crave, I crave

The way you misbehave

That naughty streak

That widow’s peak.

I bleed

To fill the need.

You are the needle

You are the hive

I’m stung and wrung

But feel alive.

Your forked tongue

Your wicked hum

Make me sizzle

Make me …

(c) Slumpless

Blue SkEyes

You were kind to my mother, blue eyes

That’s no surprise

You were kind to us all.

I’m sorry you had to go.

I’m sorry for her ,for them, for me.

But clear skies await thee.

Ours is more cloudy.

But in-between there is blue

In-between there is you.

(c) Slumpless