Fool’s Gold

Am I just dust to you?

Ash in your cigarette tray?

Nothing but a good lay ?

I fell for your dazzle.

While my skin woke  up

My brain slumbered.


You blew me out

Into endless night.

And though I regained my sight

I’m still floating.

I will until I’m old

Cling to your Fool’s Gold.

(c) Slumpless







I will linger in the folds of you

The gnarly wilted heart that’s through.

I will ramble in the rubble

That festering  bubble

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Just A Bore

Could I really be this boring

And love just you, for life?

Is my heart really so small?

I thought I was better than that.

I thought there were caverns in there

Still empty, still pulsing for new blood.

But I was mistaken.

You were just quieter in some parts

But there nonetheless.

I was sure I was whore to the core

But no… I admit

I’m just a bore.

(c) Slumpless

Rise & Shiny (18)

Let my tongue wake you

Below your navel

Let it flick until you


Slow then quick then


I’ll make you rise and shine

This dirty mouth of mine

Knows more than just pros

It speaks tongues

Gently now

At my pace

It’s not a race.

We have all day

Don’t be whiny

I’ll make it good

I’ll make you shiny

(c) Slumpless

Not Nice #prayforNice#prayforeveryone

Let me bury my head in the sand

The air is full of blood again and I am choking

I would rather breathe sand than blood.

They were just having fun

They were just…

Watching the night sky

‘Vive la Liberte’

But they won’t.

You win.Whoever you are.

Ruining lives from afar.

I am afraid.

We are afraid.

Maybe my head is always in the sand.

And there is always blood.

And it’s not always Nice.

(c) Slumpless