Whore To The Core

I’m alone to the bone

Whore to the core.

You think you can fix me ?

This ?

I’ll let you think you did.

I will let you float on high

On clouds of pink

While I sink.

How can you be so blind ?

Those eyes of yours that see everything

Don’t see me.

(c) Slumpless



You reminded me of want

Now I’m wanting




This blue and green sphere

(c) Slumpless


And though I drew strength from you

You destroyed me.

You made me forget the depths of my own source.

You tousled the jet black thoughts right out of my head 

But doused me in your viscous well.

I will derive a new me to replace the old 

The one as good as gold.

I’ll lock out the smokey hue of you soon enough.

You called my bluff with your huff.

Your puff.

You won’t blow my house down. 

Not brick but better metal here.

The blood you taste is from your own knuckles.

There’s no buckling here.

(C) Slumpless