What Now?

What Now.jpg



You matter

They say that atoms are mainly space

But mine are filled with you.

Every corner of me has made you welcome.

The caverns of once unused thoughts are full

And now I am dense…heavy.

You are wedged in the core

The tiniest,slightest pore

I brim with your blood and mine

Tortured but divine

(c) Slumpless



You Won’t Forget Me


I am borne of the darkest ink

The kind that sinks

And pools in your soul

I can’t be lightened

But don’t be frightened

I will colour you dark

I will leave my mark

Etched in your pores

Forming sores

I will pump through your veins

Drive you insane

You will not forget me

You can’t.

(c) Slumpless



Blank (2)

I read between the lines

And created worlds that did not exist

Your meaning may have been blurred

But in between there was:


I suppose I had to fill it with something.

I made more of your simple grammar

Created metaphors where there were none

I gave you credit for filling up my pages

But all you did was erase my story.

(C) Slumpless