What Now?

What Now.jpg



You matter

They say that atoms are mainly space

But mine are filled with you.

Every corner of me has made you welcome.

The caverns of once unused thoughts are full

And now I am dense…heavy.

You are wedged in the core

The tiniest,slightest pore

I brim with your blood and mine

Tortured but divine

(c) Slumpless



You Won’t Forget Me


I am borne of the darkest ink

The kind that sinks

And pools in your soul

I can’t be lightened

But don’t be frightened

I will colour you dark

I will leave my mark

Etched in your pores

Forming sores

I will pump through your veins

Drive you insane

You will not forget me

You can’t.

(c) Slumpless



Blank (2)

I read between the lines

And created worlds that did not exist

Your meaning may have been blurred

But in between there was:


I suppose I had to fill it with something.

I made more of your simple grammar

Created metaphors where there were none

I gave you credit for filling up my pages

But all you did was erase my story.

(C) Slumpless

Bake The Pain Away



I baked today

And hoped that if they rose

Then so would I.

As I sifted the flour

I let my thoughts sift too

Speck after speck of tiny thought

Wired and fraught.

Falling like lazy snow

Maybe if I created

Something good to taste

Today would not be a waste.

I would have something to share

To show I care

Or at least pretend to.

Oh that beautiful chemistry

Of exactly the right mix

Of sugar and spice

‘And all things nice’

There’s magic in this kitchen

There’s healing in this bowl

I think I was right to bake today

I feel better in my soul.

(c) Slumpless.





What Does an adult sound like-Brave and Sure-

What does an adult sound like?

Brave and sure ?

Their booming thoughts galloping out of their mouths

Steadfast, sure-footed

Not faltering as I do

Tiny opinions tumbling over each other

Like puppies to the door.


They seem to know it all

So certain of their way

While I still quibble in the playground

Over slide or swing

Over every little thing.


Oh to be an adult

So full of vim

To act on whim

But to know when not to

When to quit

But how to keep going

Day after day after endless day

While I delay, delay.


What does an adult feel?

It has to be better than this

Do they second guess themselves

As I do ?

Surely not

For they move forward

While I rot.

(c) Slumpless



Jelly and I scream


Jelly and I scream

When did I turn into

This quivering jelly mess?

Nothing to do but

Obsess. Obsess. Obsess.

Was there a time before wobble ?

Before shiver and shake?

When I didn’t let everyone

Take. Take. Take.

Everyone sees through me

They just dig in with a spoon

I slide down their throats

All over too soon.

Who will savor my flavor?

When will I be queen ?

When do I get a turn with ice-cream ?

(c) Slumpless