What Does an adult sound like-Brave and Sure-

What does an adult sound like?

Brave and sure ?

Their booming thoughts galloping out of their mouths

Steadfast, sure-footed

Not faltering as I do

Tiny opinions tumbling over each other

Like puppies to the door.


They seem to know it all

So certain of their way

While I still quibble in the playground

Over slide or swing

Over every little thing.


Oh to be an adult

So full of vim

To act on whim

But to know when not to

When to quit

But how to keep going

Day after day after endless day

While I delay, delay.


What does an adult feel?

It has to be better than this

Do they second guess themselves

As I do ?

Surely not

For they move forward

While I rot.

(c) Slumpless



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