The Streets Have Changed

​I can’t color you good anymore

I’m trying so hard

But when I explain you to others they frown 

When I explain you to me…

I have become short.

Short and sad.

I won’t beg for kindness anymore 

Because there are a million others who would give it freely.

I thought we got through the desert but now I realise the mirage. 

You want every morsel of me but I am to the bone already. 

No marrow even. 

And now the streets have changed, 

Their windows glaring 

Their people staring 

All is grey again 

And I am an ant in this world too large for me. 
(C) Slumpless

Kill me now



This would be a good day to die.

No loose ends, I’ve tied them all.

Happy as a clam then

BAM I would be gone.

Would that be so bad ?

Today I feel I reached the peak of all I need

I reached the top . I dropped my bag.

How long can I stay up here looking down

At all the shadows of me .

Still climbing .

Their very nature will drag me back.

No. Today would be a good day to die.

I’ve reached the sky.

I might as well keep going.

It must be better than going back

Over fading tracks.Into heavier air.


I can’t. I won’t.

Oh but wait.

To live ! To live!

Surely that is best.

I have had a rest

Seen green pastures and crystal seas.

My hair has fluttered in the breeze.

I have reached new heights

I must stay and fight.

No not today. I change my mind.

Don’t kill me now.

I can bring today back down with me.

I can remember this sky from down below.

It’s not my time to go.

(c) Slumpless


Caraway Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Goat’s Cheese

This is super duper easy and a yummy breakkie or supper. I do this on a Saturday morning instead of a heavy fry.IMG_20160917_094713596 (1).jpg


Cherry tomatoes – as many as you want

Caraway seeds– spoon or two (cumin/fennel seeds either)

Rock salt– a pinch

Pepper– pinch

Olive Oil– a splash

Balsamic vinegar – Optional

Avocado– peel and chop and put on plate

Spreadable goats cheese– tablespoon

Toasted bread of choice.

Special Utensils

Oven proof dish

Healthy appetite


Pop the tomatoes in oven proof dish, add oil, caraway seeds, salt and pepper.

Roast at 200 degrees Celcius for 15-20 mins

Add dollop of goats cheese when out of oven.

Pour over avocado on plate

Serve with buttered toast and splash of balsamic vinegar.

Divine. Don’t forget a cuppa coffee !!

(C) Slumpless

About Slumpless Food

Hi all

Ok so Slumpless up to now has focused on poems and the occasional short-story. My motto is after all – ‘More words less slump’.

I am however, going to make a leap and hope you don’t mind if I share with you some of my recipes ( they count as words don’t they :)?

I have recently started back in a job full-time and find that cooking the things I love when I have a minute, really lifts me out of the nine-to-five slump !.

I will keep these as simple as possible with tips on  how to make life more enjoyable. I  am not a professional photographer so bear with me and trust that they do taste yummy🙂 Also worth noting is that I have an intolerance to garlic, onions and peppers(chilly peppers,paprika, bell peppers etc) – which although made me super depressed at first has now become part of my life. I make up for flavor  in other ways !  It can make eating out very difficult, so what better way out of my slump than to make my own.Anyway hope this brings you inspiration and I will try my best to slowly but surely share my love of cooking and baking with you.

So turn on some music, tie your hair up and get cooking !!!!! A glass of wine can also help😛





This is the time of year where I  live

Here I am

Present. Alive.

My heart thumping  and fluttering

With every crunching leaf.

This isn’t Fall for me

I rise. I shine.

Become divine.

I soak up orange swirl and brown curl.

I take from this season. I use my sight.

For the rest of the year.

I write.

(c) Slumpless