I think you’re lying to me.

But that’s ok.

I’ll take your sugar however it may come.

Unrefined and coarse.

I’ll stir it into the liquid of me

My veins will clog with the syrupy sweetness of you

Too much of a good thing can make you sick

But thankfully you’re often a prick

And then my blood runs clear

But my heart turns cold

But then you’re sweet again

And I lap you up

I wish you were honey

At least in that there is good

At least honey is pure

What we have is …unsure

And at the end of it all

This sickly depravity

These endless cavities

This constant lick and bite

I lose my senses I lose my sight.

(c) Slumpless



Rise like vapor


Rise Like Vapor.png

I’m locked in again

This silly brain. This silly head.

When there are people worse off than me.


I’m not even badly off.

I feel this ‘bourgeois’ sickness get the better of me

But it feels real.If feels fucking real to me.

As real as bombs. As real as drought.

Don’t roll your eyes at me but tell me:


Where does this darkness come from?

Why won’t it let me go?

Yesterday the leash was loose and free

I ran and ran then ..

Choke. Yank. Choke.

I can’t get away from it.

It’s tethered in heavy weights.

I know it’s always there but I still run too fast.

Leap too high.

Reach for elusive sky.

Today I see the world and I am not part of it.

Yesterday I was dew on the grass, vapor on screens

Rolling towards the seas.

Now I’m puddle and mud

No good.

Where does this darkness come from ?

Did it follow me from another life?

Do I deserve to feel this way?

I will never be who I want to be.

I will never meet the river, never see the fish.

All I can do is wish:

That the sun will heat me up and I can rise as a vapor

And fall as a rain.

There are different paths to the ocean

There are different types of pain.

(C) Slumpless