Gulp(I think you were afraid to love me)


I think you were afraid to love me

Saw that I would love you forever

That the skin you crawl out of

Was warm to me.

I think you felt unworthy of the weight I put on you

The hefty heart I handed over

Beat too loudly for your weary ears.

You had heard those beats before

But you knew with me it was more than fleeting

It would just keep beating.

You shut me out

You wouldn’t even look in my direction

You hated the desperation

In the end.

You hated me.

For loving you when you couldn’t stand yourself.

You found another who would love you less.

One you would have to work harder to impress.


I hope you’re happy with less than me

With less than a whole heart

With one that flutters but does not skip

With a mouth that doesn’t gulp

But takes little sips.

You know in the end I will always

Love you the most.

The best.

This hefty heart will keep in this chest

On this sleeve.

You may go.

But I will never leave.

(c) Slumpless

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