Your Love is an Island-Talos

Your love is an islandI'm scorched in the sands of it....jpgThis song is really worth a listen. Poetry to music. Beautiful build up to a sublime finish.

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Your Love Is An Island


Kindred Treasure

Kindred Treasure.jpg

Oh but she was a surprise

Her quiet demeanor formed from years of feeling

That her thoughts and impressions

Were too different for this world

Too absurd.

But when I dug

I found treasure

Insurmountable pleasure.

Nuggets of golden wisdom

Magic locked in hidden gems

Oh how she sparkled then !

If only the world could look beyond the chest

Beyond the ‘best’

Took shovels to the soil

Sifted through the silt

She could live without guilt.

Oh if only they could.

She would shine like she should.








‘What’s in a name?’

Shame. Shame.Shame.

I would be giving you the key to me

My thoughts would be censored


No it’s better this way.

No fame. No fuss.

I would rather be anonywuss.


Fiddle Dee Dee


Fiddle dee dee

I’m filled with glee

My pockets are full

My life is free

Fiddle dee doo

I don’t care about you

Your lack of life

Won’t give me any strife.

Fiddle and fun

My life is overrun

With all things good

No feeling of ‘should’

I was borne here by luck

And I know that may suck

But I’d rather bury my head in the sand

Than give you a hand.


Muted Soul


muted-soulOh that the world was run on love

There would be no such thing as a heart unrequited

No such thing as a passion blighted.

A soul could not ignore the call of its mate

Could not deny its fate

Could not pass by and pay no heed

To the thumping desire of its other half’s need.

Oh that the world were yin and yang

My heart wouldn’t feel this pang.

Of the terrible and infinite cost

Of a love that’s nearly all but lost.

(c) Slumpless




I woke up today and tried to shrug

Shrug away the old me

The one that overthinks everything

The one that lies in bed and lets her thoughts sprint without a warm-up

Shrug away the person who has to check herself a million times

Before she leave the house

(If she leaves)

But oh my shoulders are tired.

All this shrugging. All this trying.

I wear too heavy a mantle

And it will take more than a shrug

To set my bones free.

(c) Slumpless


Never Forgive


I will forgive you…

When you’re dead

When the worms have consumed your smug smile

When you can no longer haunt me, taunt me.

The living make better ghosts you see

Their pulsing hearts, their burning desire

Add to fuel to my fire.

‘Let it go.. let it go’ ?

Forgiveness will heal you?

Bah. Nah. NO!

I thrive on this anger

I combust with that flame.

Forgiveness is for the corpses

Forgiveness is for the lame.

(c) Slumpless


Tall Tales

Tall Tales.jpg

Cinderella said she lost her shoe by ‘accident’

But she was no fool

She knew the prince adored her.

She had felt his arousal against her leg.

Snow white flirted with all the huntsmen

It got her stepmother’s back up

When she shagged them in the stables.

Hansel and Gretel were too close for comfort

Their parents didn’t know what to do.

They sent them to the old lady in the woods

Hoping for a cure.

But their lust for one another was unquenchable.

They killed her for trying to tear them apart.

Read between the lines.

Question everything.

The world is full of  tall tales

And we lap them up like children.

(c) Slumpless


Heal Me


It’s beginning again…

That uncertainty about whether you’re feeling it too.

I can swear you looked sad when I was leaving

But maybe that’s just me?

Can it ever be ?

For once you have more to lose than I do.

My boundaries are always blurred

Something tells me yours are more defined

My intentions were pure … are?

But the shift was sudden in the gloom

And I felt the heat emanate from me into the room.

You must have felt it. Others have felt it before.

I swear I’m not a whore.

You know what I’m like

So you were expecting this.

I was too if I’m honest.

You have been healing me

But in doing so, have brought about a new sickness

One that leaves me sweating in the night

Wondering. Longing. Hoping.

Wretched once more.

(c) Slumpless

Come now


Come now and follow me

Into the sea. Into the water

Let your feet slide into the depths of this

The depths of bliss.

I promise you’ll like it

I urge you

To submerge you

You can shrug those clothes off

It’s warm down here and we are but limpets

Clinging to each other while hell raises above us

In a scummy foam each time we moan

Silken skin and salty hair

Wetness everywhere.

Your eyes may close to adapt to the change

But soon you won’t find anything strange

So dive… dive in deep

Because before now you were fast


(c) Slumpless




I will always hold you in my iris

In my vessels

In the spools of blood

The great, the no good.

Part of me will never be free

Of your terse tone

Your dulcet moan

I loved you too much

I didn’t hold back

I followed you into the black

They were always dark

Those irises of mine

But in you I found something divine

So when I say forever

Despite your sighs

Know you will always be held captive

Within these eyes.




Congeal Yourself 

This lagging dragging sound

Is my fleshy heart on the ground

Stuck to your heel 


You mince

I wince

(C) Slumpless