Puppy Jitters



There’s a jitter that won’t quit.

I’m shaking and quaking.

Will I ask him? Will I?

Oh God I’ve done this too many times.

The songs tell me yes.

But where are they when it’s black?

Look at poor Amy.

No no I will. I will.

The girl in the stripes that just walked in

Looking like a model

Has put me off.

I feel like weeping.

I can’t now. I can’t.

I was looking for an excuse

Her teeny waist has given me my answer.

That tremble in your finger

Made me linger.

The quiver in your lips when I caught its tip.

I’m using pen while she touches screen.

Can life really be so mean?

It’s times like  this I hope it’s haphazard

Then I won’t believe it’s out to get me.

It makes sense to leave now.

But I am a puppy and I never will.

(c) Slumpless

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