Lamb of Sod


I bleated to the sky

I am a lamb in the wind on the hill

The clouds have darkened and there is a storm

Oh who will keep me warm?

Do you not have wool child?

Make use of it.

Soon it will be mild

And the best of you will be used to heat others.

No not your brothers.

Those that will eat you to bone.

And leave you all alone.

Today enjoy your heat

For tomorrow you will be meat.

(c) Slumpless


Judge Mental

No. I wouldn't say I'm judgmental.Sorry.. what's that-You don't drink coffee -.jpg

No… I wouldn’t say I’m judgmental.

Sorry. What’s that?

You don’t drink coffee?

Wuss! 🙂


(c) Slumpless

A Room Without a Door

It's not just one you see-All the things that led us hereA million ways we can go wrongOr right. (1).jpg

There’s a long luscious list of reasons we should

But a jagged emporium of poisonous consequences

Jars upon jars upon shelves upon walls

Filled with outcomes. Black outcomes.

They swirl around like mini-galaxies

Holding us both hostage to our decisions.

It’s not just one you see?

All the things that led us here

A million ways we can go wrong

Or right.

Let’s sit here for a while. On the safe floor.

In the room without a door.

Where the only way out

Is in…..


(c) Slumpless





Scratch it. Scratch it.

You want to.

Those cells are asking to be lifted.


Stop tapping your fingers on wood.

Let them do good. Here.

Lick it. Lick it.

Lap the curiosity away.

Swim in the swamp not the lake

I promise I  won’t fake.

I don’t have to.

Don’t live with an itch.

Switch. Switch.

Make me twitch.

I’m not a witch.

Or am I?

You’re thinking about me now?

I know you are.

I’m under your skin.

I win.

(c) Slumpless





Oh me Oh my

I’m about to die

You just walked in and I can’t think straight.

Are you crooked or is it my head?

Off with it so.

It must go.

I can’t trust it anymore

It renders me an utter whore

Your eyes are crinkling at the edge

While I teeter nervously on the ledge

I’ve suddenly landed in Wonderland

Ain’t it lovely? Ain’t it grand?

Is it the first or is it the latter?

Shoot I’m madder than the hatter.

You’re smiling less

You’re more on your guard.

Turns out you’re just a pack of cards

(c) Slumpless


White Lies

The lies we tell to make ourselves seem better create a worldwhere everyone feels.jpg

We can go through life telling little lies,making our lives seem better than they are. All we do is create envy and discontent and a world where no one can live up to something that doesn’t exist. Be honest. Stay true. Make the world an honest point of view.


Cherry Pop 


I lied to you.I lied to myself.

I’m hundreds and thousands

Sprinkling a million emotions on you.

You see rainbow but I’m an empty pot.

Run away. Run away.

That’s what I tell myself.

But your’re the cake to my flake.

Cherry to my pop

I’ll enhance your flavour

But only if you let me.

(C) Slumpless