Color Blind


I fought this grey with every inch of my pink scarf

With every morsel of my orange bag

I tried to push through opaque

Waft past the fog

But I was outnumbered by endless cloud.

It clogged the soul of me

Dampened down any colour you might see

I faded into the mist

I fade…….

(c) Slumpless

Pages and Ages


You are a reluctant passenger on this sphere (1)

I will clamber through the ages

Search through infinite pages

Sift through songs

Get it all wrong

Over and over and over

Again and again and again

Until the bittersweet end

For you I have no shame

Just endless,senseless pain

For a shrug and a sigh

I will try and try and try.

Will you ever try to forgive?

So that I might actually live.

(c) Slumpless


Your Reluctant Life

You are a reluctant passenger on this sphere

You look like you just fell out of bed

Your morning breath and messy head

You’re smiling though which is good sign

So maybe today we might be fine.

Oh no. Wait. Damn.

You think I’m not looking.

Your smile is gone.

You’re just a bag of bones under that grin

And there’s nothing I can do.

Nothing I can say to make it right.

I’m sorry your world is so hard

That every day is a shard

Into your sad soul.

You don’t greet the day

You are a reluctant passenger on this sphere

Is your end near?

Every time I leave you, I say goodbye.

(c) Slumpless


The ‘Real’ Me


‘I’m great thanks, I really think I have a handle on it, this time.’

I smiled and hoped she wouldn’t see the lack of twinkle in my eye

The lack of soul. It had gone away for the day.

Nothing happening here.

I was a shell on a chair.

All I could do was stare.

She has pity and I feel shitty.

I don’t want to seem weak… bleak.

I only give the tip of the berg

But there are mountains in this deep sea

To get to the real me.

Unexplored and dark.

Better leave it alone.

Don’t you think ?

Better not to sink.

Stay afloat. Stay afloat.

‘I’m fine thanks’.

What a beautiful cloak those words are.

I nestle into them well.

But underneath I’m naked.

(c) Slumpless


‘Oh you’re a wiry one’

She would say this without malice but the words hurt all the same.

Did she mean sharp? I have a sharp tongue I’m told and it slices strips off you.

Maybe she meant that I could never sit still

That there was a tremor in my blood

Electricity always running through my core

Well I tell you, I’m electric no more.

‘Is there a pulse?’ I hear this in the distance but all I see is her face and slow thud of my heart fading.

‘ A wiry one’. I smile inside.

I’ll ask her what she meant.

(C) Slumpless 

Just a pill


I am writing this post to highlight the effect contraceptive pills can have on your mental health. Ladies I’m not dissuading you from contraception but rather asking you to be aware of the effects it can have on your moods and not be afraid to try various options until you find the right one. ‘May cause mood swings’ sounds so benign but based on my personal experiences those mood swings can make you and break you:

It’s just a pill.. try it and see

But that pill could break me

The world can turn black on that little white sphere

You don’t understand?

You’ve seen ‘The Matrix’?

Well it’s the same… ish

I mean this pill has powers to change my world

To remove the illusion of the life I lead

It can create pools of bubbling anger I never knew I had

Make the green eyed monster appear.

But I’m no ‘Neo’

When I’m in it , I can’t fight.

Can’t see the light.

So no it’s not just a pill

It’s not just a mood swing

It’s is the pendulum and I am in the pit.


Silly Me (Inspired by Death In Venice)

death in venice.jpg

Mahler was playing.

Suddenly I knew who I was.

I know what you are.

Boy. Forever boy.

I the decrepit voyeur,

Gazing upon your beauty.

Grazing upon your strength.

You will never see me…

We can never be

You will always frolic in the sea.

The sun caressing your golden hair

While I long to be the beams .. the water, the air.

Instead I am beached whale on a deck chair

Life has made its cruel marks on my visage

While your look perfect comme les nuages

You skim through life without a care

Forever young. Forever fair.

Oh silly me. Silly rabbit.

Gorging on you is my ridiculous habit.

I’ve eaten too much I clutch at my chest

The sun is setting

Probably for the best.


death in venice 2.jpg


My Lady Of The Sea


I found you gliding in briny waters

In between the shale and shell

Your beautiful tail,

Your long hair- a subwave of shimmering coral

You don’t swim for me

But the sunshine on your skin

Has won me over.

Glisten my lady.

But most importantly:


Because I pick up the conch to listen

But all I hear is a roar

(c) Slumpless

Extra Ordinary


Wow who knew? I do have superpowers after all!

With a mere flick of my wrist and a dab of extra butter and cheese

I can become completely invisible!

The guy didn’t hold the door for me.

The boy in the shop didn’t try to converse.

They don’t stare anymore.

The men. The women.

They don’t stare.

I used to hate it.

Used to turn beet red.

But now I have an invisibility cloak

And although I try to shrug it off.

It weighs heavily on me.

But what’s worse.

Is the reverse.

I see the ‘fat guy’ with new eyes

He too is in disguise.

(c) Slumpless


Practically Perfect

woman-1771895_1920Her skin was perfect… pristine.

I imagined her having sex.

Perfect and perfunctory..


There would be no wobble.

No bounce.

She would be loud from the throat but not the gut.

Did she sweat I wondered?

Probably not.

She sipped on water and chewed on lettuce.

How sad I thought.

Poor rabbit.

I turned away to gaze at the ducks.

Calm on the surface.

She seemed stagnant to the core.

A child tripped over, sprawled on the floor.

Miss perfect’s lips turned up at the edges.

A splendid,slow sneer,slithered across her face.

I saw malice in those cerulean blues

And felt a chill in my blood.

And pity.So much pity

For a world that trusts perfection.

(c) Slumpless