SLUMPLESS.COM (2)Did your incisors mean to bite?

I can’t remember. I lost my sight.

I’m pretty sure you tasted blood

Sucked me of all that was ever good.

Your lust is laced with something dark

A frenzied need to leave your mark.

If only it was immortal living

But that’s certainly not  what you’re giving.

Though you are leaving me with something eternal

Something damned. Something infernal

Forever thinking, forever in thought

Was it really my blood that you sought?

Or was the seeker really me ?

Looking for darkness, seeking thee?

Was I the one to sniff you out?

Sense the darkness with my snout

But one bite from your mouth and I let go

Let it all out. Let it all flow.

I’m damned forever. Doomed to the night.

But I have to admit

I was never light.

(c) Slumpless




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