Silly Me (Inspired by Death In Venice)

death in venice.jpg

Mahler was playing.

Suddenly I knew who I was.

I know what you are.

Boy. Forever boy.

I the decrepit voyeur,

Gazing upon your beauty.

Grazing upon your strength.

You will never see me…

We can never be

You will always frolic in the sea.

The sun caressing your golden hair

While I long to be the beams .. the water, the air.

Instead I am beached whale on a deck chair

Life has made its cruel marks on my visage

While your look perfect comme les nuages

You skim through life without a care

Forever young. Forever fair.

Oh silly me. Silly rabbit.

Gorging on you is my ridiculous habit.

I’ve eaten too much I clutch at my chest

The sun is setting

Probably for the best.


death in venice 2.jpg


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