Too close 


She sat too close.Burped then sneezed. I could smell supper on her breath as her leg grazed mine. She sniffled and her stomach growled while the music through her earphones.. battered the just blissful silence. Relentless closeness. If I moved away it would be obvious. I felt boxed in by her human noises. I work so hard on subduing mine.

I felt angry at her lack of care, lack of aware.

How dare she ? Impinge on my space? Get in my face?

I was used to sanitized life. Minty breath… an acceptable distance between us all.

I wanted to growl at her. I wanted to push her away. I needed to say…


I turned and was about to glare at her latest emission

But was met with a surprise.

A smile that reached her eyes.

I could forgive her then.

For now I was seeing

She was behaving like

A human being.


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