Ethereal Life


I’m preparing for the next world

My dreams tell me so.

The worlds to which I travel

Unravel me.

Night by night I move closer to the light.

Or is it dark?

Which is better?

I have always preferred dusk.

There are seas of souls floating in misty lakes

People I’ve never met.


I will be a new person soon

I will get another start.

Did I mess up this life I wonder?

Did I sleep through it all ?

Some of us were made to dream

Some to plough soil.

Don’t blame me for the ethereal life

Although I try not to blame myself.

In the next one I won’t.

In the next one I will try to remember my original sin

Do we carry the memories through instinct? Gut feeling?

I hope so.

At least then I might have the inner strength of all the ‘me’s’ before.

Each life I live or have lived will propel me through those mists to the better body

The better life.

I hope I don’t forget my struggles.

I hope I’m kinder.

At least I will get  to be a child again.

But I’ll miss this.

I hope your skin on mine will feel the same next time around.

(c) Slumpless




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