The Nothing


I read novels in your silences

Epic tales of lovers falling at your feet

Every outing writhing with temptation

Every return home, a fall onto a messy bed.

The longer you are away

The more the silence looms deeper

The chasm is full of things unsaid

Messages read, reread

Over and over and over.

Things that you might never tell me

Char my flesh

Soon I will be a burnt-out corpse

Waiting. Hating . Hating me. Hating you.

Then suddenly I hear the ping.

‘I had no signal…sorry.’

(c) Slumpless



Wave Goodbye


I dream of waves

Inconsolable water that knows no forgiveness

It’s coming you see.

The big one.

Do you dream of it too ?

It will toss and turn us

Hurl us away.

You and your big house

Me in my flat.

All of this. All of that.

The roar. The gurgle.

The silence.

(c) Slumpless


Stop. Stop it now.


I’m peeling already. 

Swirling bits of me unraveling onto the floor

If you don’t desist

My segments will spread

Soon I will be untethered 

A pulpy mess.

No waxy exterior to make me shine.

All you will see are the pips. 

Don’t peel me if you can’t handle the bitter and the sweet.

Have a banana instead. 


I wanted to say I love you

I wanted to say I love you

The words stuck in my craw

Too soon. Too much. Too soon.

The bursting need to utter them 

Stutter them.

Stammer. Stammer. Stammer.

The words were a hammer in my soul. 

How overwhelming this fire, this desire

I couldn’t lie with you and lie to you

Pretend you are less when you are more

So much more. 

How can this be ? 

I l ooo…. I can’t. I won’t. I can’t.

So I stare at you in terrible silence

Daring you to say it first

Read my mind, fool!

But you just smile 

And I fall deeper.

(C) Slumpless 


You pilfered it clear out from under me
Swift as swift you are
Ninja moves and pow you had it
You had me.
How could I have been so foolish?
Your eyes. It was there all along.
Smiling eyes, that’s what I thought.
Laughing. They were laughing.
At me.
I deserve it this time.
I should have known better.
Better. Better. Better.
Next time.

Label me please

“I hate labels”

I must have said that in a previous life.

Careful what you wish for.

Now I long to be pinned and defined


Please tell me who I am once and for all.

As it is I’m not one thing or another

Not human not mother

Not healthy not sick


Before my blurred lines dissolve into nothing.

So I can stop longing for approval

From sources that never offer it

So go on. Put that sticker on.

Place me in a jar.

My ingredients on the back

At least then I can sit calmly on the shelf

Instead of loose as a lentil or a worse

A nut.

(C) Slumpless

Add Bliss

Crimson kick to the gut

I should have seen it coming

Ouch. Blissful pain.

Again. Again. Again.

But more than a kick

You’re gentle

Gentle on my soul

Rocking it back and forth

Lulling us to sleep

Rock a bye me. Rock a bye you.

Can you kiss my temple again ?

Can you squeeze my soles

I thought all parts of me has been touched

I was wrong.

You fill up the venuoles

You surf on my lymph

Render me nymph.

Smooth me over. Make me new.

I’m still jagged from the last one.

Still afraid of lying fingers.

But you don’t subtract from me.

You give. You add.


(C) Slumpless