A Pointless Expression of Love


Big old lumps of love when you hugged me.

Dollops of it when we kiss

Did I dream it all ?

Did I imagine your hands holding my face ?

Your nose in my hair ?

Did I? Be fair.

Or do I weave tall tales where reality fails?

So I made a pointless expression of love.

The words kneaded out of my mouth by your persistent caresses.

Was it a selfish thing?

When I know nothing would change.

And deep down you wouldn’t return the favour?

I admire the honesty of your words

But your body lies. To me. With me.

So which is it?

Your body or your mouth?

Neither? Either? Both?

I won’t say it again.

Forgive my child-like warble

This babbling heart has met rock it cannot erode

But it won’t flood.

It will just meander.

(c) Slumpless

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