Lonely Boy

I’m not special

I’m just a cushion for you to rest your head.

When I go..I’m dead,

Or as good as.

Oh lonely boy.

You always need to fill the gaps

You’re afraid of your own thoughts.

Sitting alone is not an option for you.

I know it.

I am the same.

But the difference with this soul

Is self control.

I fill the void with other things

Things that won’t hurt you if you find out.

So lonely boy , what’s it going to be ?

Rest for a while on my breast then move on to the next ?

Or are you finally ready to call me home ?

Deal with your demons, I can see them lurking in corners

They play with mine.

But memories are just smoke

And if you breathe out

You can blow them away.

(C) Slumpless

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