Rope Hope

Today I learned what it felt like to be alone.

More alone than someone with no one.

The solitude that stops your heart because every person in your life is not really there at all.

Is this a dream I wonder ?

Did I imagine bridges made of stone when in reality there were was only frayed rope?

No hope.


13 reasons why ? I give you a million.

Made of shrugs, insincere hugs

Righteousness and pontification


And yet I suppose it’s better to wake up and see that I’m on the edge of a cliff.

And that I have been for a long time.

What’s keeping me here when the love I thought you all wanted has met nothing but ice.

Not nice. Not nice.

Oh well my dears.

I suppose you will tell yourselves you did your best.

Don’t blame yourself. She wasn’t right in the head.

She’s better off….

Don’t worry I won’t do anything “silly” though

Still it’s good to know

That when I needed my blood

You were all no fucking good.

(C) Slumpless

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