Swipe Left

I’m all misinformed and misaligned

These bones and thoughts just will not bind

This shell I’m in, just doesn’t go

With all the true things I know

My world is small because of my face

This misguided generation, this judging race

All they see are thinner lips

Uneven teeth … lumpy hips

What do they want ?

Are they insane?

To continue to ignore my wonderful brain !

Ok so it’s it’s not that amazing

I’m no Einstein

But give me a chance.

Give me time.

Don’t swipe left, give me a go

I’m amazing in bed for all you know.

Ok I’m not but you won’t find out

If you base your assessment on a glossy pout.

A sign that I care and am really me

Is that I’m not always taking a selfie

I’m out actually enjoying the fresh air

Instead of wondering about my hair.

So yes, the looks are what draw you in

But in a month your eyes will look within

So skip to me, I’m worth a shot

I promise I’ll give you all I got

(C) Slumpless


There is a dampening of the senses now

The heat’s hefty weight, pulling liquid from my bones

The drip of a salty drop running down my spine

I’m clammy to the core

Laden down, waiting to evaporate.

I long for the cool brushes of an Autumn wind

For the gentle pummeling of leaves at my door

For my weary senses to dance in orange flame

To feel like I’m part of the game.

Not this. Not this. Not this.

There is nothing of me here

In scorched earth and dizzying mirage

But soon my friends I will hear the call

Of my kindred season

Wonderful Fall.


Brain Dead

I have figured it out.

I understand Heaven.

It was never trees and water.

It was never your Mother or your long lost daughter.

No. It’s not gurgling brooks and Angels on Lyres

Away from sulfur and brimstone fires.

Heaven is silence.

Golden and complete

Nothing then more… nothing

And then… repeat.

No more whirring thoughts

No more: what if’s and but’s.

Heaven is complete shut down

No worries or pain

It is the eternal slumber

Of your worn out brain.

(c) Slumpless

Emerald Isle

I’m sure that we diddle

I’m sure that we jig

This giddy nation of drinkers

Isn’t that what you think ?

Look closer my friends

And you will all know it

We are a nation of thinkers

A flock of mad poets.

This drunken haze is just a play

To help some of us through the day.

We have tales of warriors and faerie child

Beckett, Yeats and Oscar Wilde

So don’t dismiss us as Leprechauns of old

Or we’ll hit you on the head with our pots of gold.

(C) Slumpless


I scared you off didn’t I?

This damned intensity

I can’t switch it off

Can’t hide the want. The need.

You all hate that. The greed.

Race. Run. Chase.

That’s better isn’t it ?

ISN’T IT ???

I feel a lessening in you already

Ready. Steady. Go.

You’ve already left.

You did it in the night

While I slept soundly.


The Nothing


I read novels in your silences

Epic tales of lovers falling at your feet

Every outing writhing with temptation

Every return home, a fall onto a messy bed.

The longer you are away

The more the silence looms deeper

The chasm is full of things unsaid

Messages read, reread

Over and over and over.

Things that you might never tell me

Char my flesh

Soon I will be a burnt-out corpse

Waiting. Hating . Hating me. Hating you.

Then suddenly I hear the ping.

‘I had no signal…sorry.’

(c) Slumpless

I wanted to say I love you

I wanted to say I love you

The words stuck in my craw

Too soon. Too much. Too soon.

The bursting need to utter them

Stutter them.

Stammer. Stammer. Stammer.

The words were a hammer in my soul.

How overwhelming this fire, this desire

I couldn’t lie with you and lie to you

Pretend you are less when you are more

So much more.

How can this be ?

I l ooo…. I can’t. I won’t. I can’t.

So I stare at you in terrible silence

Daring you to say it first

Read my mind, fool!

But you just smile

And I fall deeper.

(C) Slumpless