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If you are looking at this page we hope you are feeling or falling in love.

Here at Slumpless we think there is nothing better (and sometimes worse) than falling for someone. (By the way if you are in a heartbroken mood please let us direct you to our Sadness page where you will find a host of quotes and poems to suit your mood as well as links to our Spotify playlist suggestion to mend the broken heart- you my friend are not alone even if it feels that way. Believe us that some day you will find your way back to this page! In the meantime we suggest you let those emotions out. ‘More words less slump’remember?!)

Now back to the lovers.This is also a great time for you to find that poem and quote that reflects how you are feeling. Infatuated, lustful, crazy  mad, hazy ? Enjoy the feelings. Don’t let it take over though (easier said than done.. we know). Try and channel your love in the right and healthy directions. This is a great time to write or paint or do whatever you do that makes you – you :). Don’t be so quick to let go of yourself- take the leap but wear a harness.

So please peruse and feel feel to share those poems with your loved ones , If your words can’t express how you feel maybe ours do.