About Slumpless Food

Hi all

Ok so Slumpless up to now has focused on poems and the occasional short-story. My motto is after all – ‘More words less slump.

I am however, going to make a leap and hope you don’t mind if I share with you some of my recipes ( they count as words don’t they :)?

I have recently started back in a job full-time and find that cooking the things I love when I have a minute, really lifts me out of the nine-to-five slump !.

I will keep these as simple as possible with tips on  how to make life more enjoyable. I  am not a professional photographer so bear with me and trust that they do taste yummy 🙂 Also worth noting is that I have an intolerance to garlic, onions and peppers(chilly peppers,paprika, bell peppers etc) – which although made me super depressed at first has now become part of my life. I make up for flavor  in other ways !  It can make eating out very difficult to what better way out of my slump than to make my own.Anyway hope this brings you inspiration and I will try my best to slowly but surely share my love of cooking and baking with you.

So turn on some music, tie your hair up and get cooking !!!!! A glass of wine can also help 😛


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