Tall Tales

Tall Tales.jpg

Cinderella said she lost her shoe by ‘accident’

But she was no fool

She knew the prince adored her.

She had felt his arousal against her leg.

Snow white flirted with all the huntsmen

It got her stepmother’s back up

When she shagged them in the stables.

Hansel and Gretel were too close for comfort

Their parents didn’t know what to do.

They sent them to the old lady in the woods

Hoping for a cure.

But their lust for one another was unquenchable.

They killed her for trying to tear them apart.

Read between the lines.

Question everything.

The world is full of  tall tales

And we lap them up like children.

(c) Slumpless


My Emotional Calendar


What it’s like living in a ‘temperate’ climate:

January start not good for the heart.

Its endless grey takes my breath away.

February is worse with its dreadful curse

Of feeling it should be spring

But instead: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing

What about ‘Valentine’?

I hear you whine?


One ok day. Then back to grey.

Oh dear then there’s March another month of bleak

Week after wretched week.

April doesn’t fare much better

Oh yeah and the weather is wetter.

Hurray it’s May …at last Summer

No wait .. more rain … bummer

Oh June please bring in the sun

I’m dying for beachtime fun

Wait wait July is dry… ish

Summer living a distant wish.

August  a surprise

With its beautiful blue skies

September I can breathe with yearning

The leaves are finally turning.

October.I begin to dream

And look forward to Halloween.

November you bring frost and sometimes snow

I love sitting beside the fire’s glow.

December darkness is dotted with lights

Oh how I love the Christmas sights.

I adore the smells, the cold the glimmer

In Winter time I really shimmer.

But wait oh wait it’s really scary

Already back to January.

(c) Slumpless





They acted like they were on a show.

The witty banter. The raucous laughs.

They were a pack.

A pack of Jacks. A pack of fools.

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I Like You More

I like you more when you’re  a whore

You are less guarded, less eager to impress

You take but you also give

You live, Whore, You live.

But you love too. You love more.

I don’t think I can call you whore

I don’t think it’s fair

Perhaps ‘Lover’ is better

But it has less flare.

No…Whore you shall be


Let the world judge you so

You may be a whore but you

Are certainly not a Hoe.

(c) Slumpless



You are not as interesting as I thought

Or as beautiful as you appear

You never gave me anything

Except the occasional sneer.

And although I could stare at you for a while

And lose myself in a daze

You have no sweetness inside you

You are nothing but the glaze.

(c) Slumpless





All you writers know

That muses make it so.

Mine is human- body and mind

Seems prolific but is hard to find.

So when I find it, I always cling

To help me write to let me sing.

They may not know it at the time

But they’re caught  within my lines.

Oh it’s hard, often dire

To find a muse who will inspire.

(c) Slumpless





I feel it coming and it’s not fair.

Your blue eyes and peppered hair.

They call is transference, I’m pretty sure

That awful attraction, that undeniable lure. READ MORE:

Ode to WordPress

I was quite the mess

Before you WordPress.

How I’ve grown to adore that little brown dot

Around which I  judge my work…my worth

No I’m just kidding

But it means a lot .. that brown dot.

How my heart sings when I see

That beautiful ‘W’. The perfect font

It’s all I want.

No I’m just kidding again.

But it’s true

I do love that ‘W’.

As for your staff they have been truly great

Even if  questions to WordPress do not relate !

Thank you again for letting me express

My ups and downs

My joys, my stress.

All kidding aside

This is where I hide.

Lose myself on my site

Out of sight.

“More Words Less Slump”?

Without you I’d be a chump

Talking to walls.

Last but by no  means least

My fellow bloggers, my fellow writers

My fellow fighters:

Thank you for reading

Please never stop.








Now for something silly :)

Her name was Lemon
And well did she deserve
the reputation of being
a wonderful preserve.

She kept me well 

She was no quitter

But my terrible moods

Turned her more bitter.

Oh Lemon, my Lemon 

I miss every hour

Because just like your name 

Our love turned sour.

(c) Slumpless

Make Me Quicker

To the bones it runs.

Shiny, velvety,smooth.

Life’s liquor

Making me quicker

To the veins it goes

From my head to my toes.

‘Give up coffee?’


(c) Slumpless