Fluffier Clouds


You make me interesting.

I remember things I never used to.

Little slivers of pointless information

That you lap up.

All my quirks can be displayed


Until the right moment

And I’m all new to you again.

There’s so much of me I want to give

And for once I feel like a well

A fountain

Spluttering forth crystal drops

Of something that restores you.

Makes you whole.

I am only like this with you

You show up the invisible ink in me

The words that others don’t see

You use your fingertips… your tongue

Your lovely mouth whips me into a frenzy

I’m soaring above new clouds

That are fluffier than the last

Is it too fast?

I don’t care.

Because with you, I do.

I dare.

(c) Slumpless


Little pleasure

I don’t have time to plant flowers

Or paint my kitchen blue

I don’t have the patience to bake a cake

I’m too busy to take a bath.

I realised then you absorb colour

From the world. From me.

I gave it out without a thought.

These little pleasures came easy

The smell of coffee in the morning

Candles late at night

These things were scaffolding for my fragile senses

They keep the grey at bay

But for you the world was made of sturdier stuff

And you had no need for sculpted glass.

I’m not saying you’re crass but you’re not as gentle as I thought.

So I will keep filling this world with rainbows

But you won’t find my gold.

(C) Slumpless


You Planted Flowers

You planted flowers.

There was nothing but concrete and grey

God that grey. Suffocating. Stifling grey.

And wretched looking people and their wretched looking pets

Littered sidewalks

Another siren in the distance.

But you planted flowers.

And I was on the bus

And though you don’t know me

I feel somehow you do.

So please keep them watered

Because it matters .

It matters to me.

(C) Slumpless


Three for me

There I am !

Good to see me again

I was in the trees all along!

Not under the duvet

No matter how hard I looked

How deeply I burrowed.

Ah look! I’m so pretty when I smile.

So nice to see the cold, give blush to my cheeks

Why do I forget this every year ?

Grey days send me under cover

Ah but when the sun shines

I find myself

Out and about

Glowing just like that familiar friend

There were three magpies fluttering in the sky

Three for me.

(C) Slumpless



Do you fear us because we are weak?

Or because we are portals into the universe?

Channels into the spirit world,

The first stop for a new human.

We need you though.

We need your seeds

Otherwise we continue to bleed.

We may be the first port of call

But we are but half of the yin yang ball.

Fear not ye whose port hold no vessel

With whom this biological need you constantly wrestle

By choice or not

You are vital.

You are the light carriers

Not portals but messengers

Holding knowledge and strength

As much a part of this wonderful sphere

Even if your purpose is unclear

To you.

So gather around ye of every creed and disposition

We are in this together on this life expedition.

(C) Slumpless



It occurs to me that I am blind

And so are you.

We all are.

We have been given two eyes

Into which we put all our beliefs

And yet we know that our sight is limited

We know but we forget.

I will not call them eyes from now on.

I will call them filters.

To remind me over and over

That what I see, is what I’m allowed to see

That I am blinded by this human form

That I put so much emphasis on what I deem to be true

Based solely on what comes through.

But the universe is bigger, deeper , wider and more full than

The tiny portion of my tiny brain

Will let me imagine.

(C) Slumpless


Hurt Alert

Every aspect of me is sensitive

The rubbing of a sock on my little toe

My innards if I ingest unsuitable morsels

Every speck is on hurt alert

It’s no wonder that

As I tread carefully

Then so must you

Every word you utter or don’t

Every touch you give or withhold

Can be beautiful fire or barbed wire

I’m not in between so please don’t be

Love me gently but with strength behind it

Gentle pressure. No sharp digs.

I’m not saying I’m covered in cotton wool

But I ought to be.

So easy there tiger before you rub

You are all grown but I’m just a cub.

(C) Slumpless