Moral Low Ground


And I’m mostly good ..mostly kind

But with you and because of you

I have dabbled in bold

Submerged my clean slate in mud

Oh but for those moments of bliss and shakes

Will I spend eternity with the snakes?

And if  I believe in God will She forgive me?

Why should She though?

I knew it was wrong.

But She gave me these earthly wants

I mean She pushed us together didn’t She?

And who did we really harm?

Is that the point?

Better the devil you know

But she doesn’t know.

She doesn’t know.

I do.

(c) Slumpless


Will we always slither?


Will we always slither around

Sliding over barren ground?

Will you always tease my skin

Then turn away afraid to sin?

Will I always long for this

Less than a caress more than a hiss?

Will the sun that heats my blood

Heat yours too and make it good?

Will the skin we shed and shake

Make us more human and much less snake.

Will we ever be rid of this terrible curse

Of being unable, to be an ‘Us’.

What hope have we? No matter how hard we try

Our devious ways will make her cry.

(c) Slumpless



Slut ( Inspired by ‘Malèna’)


She’s a slut you know

She makes them cum she lets them go.

She wears her tank tops way too tight

She wears short skirts.

 It’s just not right.

She leads them on

They can’t help but fall

Into her wicked snare


You can’t blame them.

She’s a manipulative whore

A line of suitors out the door.

Her soft skin, drives them insane

A pity she doesn’t have a brain.

She should cover up. Hide her skin

Then maybe our men wouldn’t sin.

Let’s blame her. Let’s call her a easy

Because it could never be that our men are sleazy.

She’s so beautiful and so pretty

It just makes us feel extra shitty

We’d rather judge her wanton ways

How else would we spend our boring days?

(c) Slumpless




This Secret We Keep

I think I hear a bird chirping But there's no life hereIt's eerie, eerie, eerie.


There’s a murk in that mist

Those beams just can’t quite make it through

I fell for your tricks again.

I fell for you.

There’s a smirk in that mist.

But it’s not yours or mine

It’s the water.

It’s the air.

They knew it would never be fair.

They just waited for it all to crack.

They felt the light we lack.

I think I hear a bird chirping

But there’s no life here

Like a string broken on a guitar.

Flat. Flat…

The mist is laden with tears

They will go on for years and years

They’re not yours or mine.

We’ll be fine.

They’re hers.

This secret we keep

Will inevitably make her weep.

(c) Slumpless



Stay with me

Don’t go back to her

Don’t take your hand from my hip

Your brow from my lip.

Stay all day

Stay forever

Because when you leave

I am other

While now I am it

As your fingers play with my…..

(c) Slumpless