Let’s take it outside

Let’s go out you said

And we were both afraid

You flinched a little.

Outside was the world

Large and absurd

We had our den

Pizza on the bed, coffee on the floor

A little less, a whole lot more

Twisted in bed sheets and things unsaid

Warm with potential.

Outside there were eyes. Wide and surprised.

My oh my and oh how you lied.

So maybe let’s stay in a while longer

The world can wait until we’re a little bit stronger.

(C) Slumpless


Fluffier Clouds


You make me interesting.

I remember things I never used to.

Little slivers of pointless information

That you lap up.

All my quirks can be displayed


Until the right moment

And I’m all new to you again.

There’s so much of me I want to give

And for once I feel like a well

A fountain

Spluttering forth crystal drops

Of something that restores you.

Makes you whole.

I am only like this with you

You show up the invisible ink in me

The words that others don’t see

You use your fingertips… your tongue

Your lovely mouth whips me into a frenzy

I’m soaring above new clouds

That are fluffier than the last

Is it too fast?

I don’t care.

Because with you, I do.

I dare.

(c) Slumpless



I thought we had movie love

The kiss in the rain feel no pain kind

Run down the streets shouting my name

Fight monsters and beasts

Just to see me.

But no ever-after, for us .

Ours is the tragic kind

The one you wish you could rewind

Less flame more fog

The sad, silent type of film

And I’m not sure if you’re speaking

Or if I need subtitles

And it’s all just too much to watch

I want to look away

But my eyes are glued to this scene

Will it ever end ?

Reeling.Reeling. I’m reeling.


(C) Slumpless



NO we can’t be friends

Why would you even ask ?

When you know that your skin beside mine

Is nothing short of water to a parched tree

I can’t just pretend to like you

It would all seep out in the end

No you are lover not friend.

My hands can’t shake yours

Nor my lips mutter pleasantries

When inside I’m a cavern of want

You will haunt

Me forever

But better as a memory …please

Friendship is just a tease.



O Zone

I’m pressed up against your atmosphere

Spread-eagled, sprawled

Gazing longingly at your world

I want to get closer but

You are miles away and I would kill your air if I got any closer

There are holes in this o zone

And I can’t fill them or pass through

I’m neither here or there

Hot, cold air.

Cold. So cold.

If I look behind me there is endless black

So I stay.

Face squashed against the one thing you can’t live without

And the only thing keeping me here.

(C) Slumpless




Ok it’s time to retreat

Pull back woman for God’s sake.

You have your own personal Groundhog day.

Use it. Remember. Learn.

You put your heart on your sleeve

No return.

So let him simmer. Let him wonder.

Don’t tear your own life asunder.

Let it be. Just wait in the long grass.

You do it so well when you don’t really care

Harness that.

It may not be fun

But if you push

He will run.

(c) Slumpless

Maybe it’s better if he does


Alone In The Kitchen

I cry alone in the kitchen

Soft burbles on the outside

Giant blubbering within.

I can’t let him see what has happened my heart

He never even knew it was gone.

Wretched. Wicked. Wrecked.

Him. Me.Him.

The smell of burnt rice reminds me of my place

So I wipe my face

Breathe deeply, stop the whines

It is after all Valentine’s.

(C) Slumpless