Linear Lust

Can I draw the liquid lines of you with my thumbing stroke?

Bleed the sap that I know lingers in the funnel of your heart?

Oh there are ways and means to make your fountain flow

I know most but not all

I will find the waterfall

I strum and hum the tunes that make oblique, the straight lines of your beautiful legs

You beg for more lick and that’s the trick.

Just a breath away.

I’ll stay just a breath away until even a whisper, will send you to simmer

The releasing breaths of a chord too highly strung

Is magic, melody to ears and head that need a patting. A petting.

Wet. Wet. Wetting.


(C) Slumpless



I brought you stardust.

I went all the way up to the heavens

And gathered it in the palm of my hands.

I fought my way back into your murky atmosphere

Just to get a nod. A pat on the head.

But instead of warm air I got a vacuum

Cold and harsh

You suck the life from me.

How can there be lust

Without a sprinkle of stardust?


Shore Thing

Don’t make me choose

Because I will choose you

What did you think ?

But a part of me will always wonder

Will always wander

And you will see it in my distant eyes

In that hazy glaze that far off daze.

Don’t make me pick between him and you

There’s no need

He’s him and he’s New.

Don’t battle for my heart

You’ve already won.

Your flag is right in the centre.

But boundaries shift

You know they must

From love to lust

Then back again

Don’t make me decide between shore and tide

It’s amazing what frothy waters can hide.

I will always sway between both

The moon makes it so

I come. Sometimes.

I go.

(C) Slumpless


I’m tossing and turning

Twisted in the memories of you

I just want to be alone so I can savor them

Flavor them with all my nuances.

You licked the core of me

As I read to you.

Your hands stroked me

Over and over like I was made of puppies.

And I think I wagged my tail

Just for your bone.

God I can’t stand not getting you

All the time .

Rapid breaths over and over.

Roll me. Knead me.

I need you.

Feast on moistened flesh

That rises and expands with heat.

I’m in hell until I see you

Again and again and again.


Add Bliss

Crimson kick to the gut

I should have seen it coming

Ouch. Blissful pain.

Again. Again. Again.

But more than a kick

You’re gentle

Gentle on my soul

Rocking it back and forth

Lulling us to sleep

Rock a bye me. Rock a bye you.

Can you kiss my temple again ?

Can you squeeze my soles

I thought all parts of me has been touched

I was wrong.

You fill up the venuoles

You surf on my lymph

Render me nymph.

Smooth me over. Make me new.

I’m still jagged from the last one.

Still afraid of lying fingers.

But you don’t subtract from me.

You give. You add.


(C) Slumpless

Carry the light 

Treat me like an Angel

And I will fly for you

Tell me I’m beautiful

And I will grow more so

I am what you put in

And take out

In. Out. In. Out.

This is what love is about.

You touch my skin ever so slightly

But I feel weight in those fingers

I feel light. Lighter.

I’m flying above this room

I’m floating on lavender clouds

Your breath is the breeze

And for now you control my direction.

I must remember though

That I am more than Angel

That I hold both dark and light

And the balance is mine to keep

I must not let the heavens weep

So treat me well and I will be an Angel

But there are parts of me that 

That are mine alone

Mine to mould

Mine to hone.

Your fingers are magic

Your touch is delight

You hold the lighter 

But I carry the light.

(C) Slumpless