You undo all the things I’ve done

Where I put the kettle.

Where I left the salt.

You move me around like I’m made of nothing

And all I want to do is run.

I don’t think you would notice

Until breakfast time when the coffee doesn’t appear beside your bed.

You rearranged my kitchen.

And now I have nothing.

(C) Slumpless


I must have met Medusa

For a brief moment.

Enough to turn my heart to stone.

Those snakes in her hair

Each of them with their own wicked agenda

Each the root of the cause

A heart that never thaws.

(C) Slumpless

Knew Me

I had to be born again today.

Free myself of everything I thought I knew.

The net which I assumed would catch my fall

Was never there at all.

The arms that held me before I knew myself

Have turned to stone

I am well and truly alone.

As I hold my own flesh and blood

I am awake again.

I understand that there are no more excuses for their selfish maybes

I could never do this to my own baby.

Not now , not when he’s grown

I will never leave him on his own.

I guess I have to turn to other

When I can’t rely on my own…

I can’t even say it.

It hurts too much.

I am much too blue

The person I loved

I never knew.

(C) Slumpless



I just wanted to take his little hand and run.

Jump on a bus and go on an adventure.

He didn’t want to go to school and little sobs racked his big soul.

His quivering lips , his wet eyes.

I wasn’t ready for such goodbyes.

All I could think was that:

His whole life would be filled with timetables.

One day

He wouldn’t be able to run away.

So why not today son?Why the hell not.

Let’s run while we still can.

While it’s still fun

Because someday you won’t have your mum.

Someday you’ll be in a suit and tie

With no one at the gate to wave goodbye

(c) Slumpless


Hush Now


Your voice has always held me back

But now I’m ready to dub it over.

I’ll do it like in the movies

You know where the sun comes out

As the credits roll?

I’ll dance into the distance.

Become a speck on the screen.

Your power over me less keen.

I have never been able to follow my soul

You were always too loud

Judging my goal.

So hush now. Hush.

Please don’t complain

Because listening to you

Has made me insane.

(C) Slumpless



How are you?


All we do these days is compete

Which one of us is more depressed?

Your slouching shoulders tell me it’s your turn

But I’m still staying in bed all day.

‘How are you?’ Has become a rhetorical question.

I don’t really want to know and neither do you.

We don’t so much discuss as rant.

Shouldn’t. Wouldn’t. Can’t

No my day was worse.

No I’m more tired.

No I’m the one closer to getting fired.

To think that once we tried

To colour our days pink

To lay roses on the ground to cover the mud.

Now it’s no good.

But wait. Wait.

We can stop. We can change.

Let’s just pretend.

Fake it for a while until the smiles are less strange.

Let’s be better.

Let’s try to bring in the light

Because I’m really fed up

Of this dark depressing plight.

(c) Slumpless


Grow Up

Don’t make our life together seem mundane

Just because your friends paint their walls black

And ours are eggshell blue.

Don’t make me feel like I’m a bore

Because your friends smoke weed all day

While I sit at a desk and type.

I could just as easily stop you know.

I could wear baggy trousers and braid my hair.

Pop pills for breakfast and acid for tea.

I blame the movies. That romantic hue

That colors everything they do.

Makes it seem dreamy, makes us seem dim

Dreary. Dreary. That’s how you see us now.

Go live your dreams then. Go open a brewery.

Wear a t-shirt with your favorite band.

Cartwheel in the sand.

Laugh at stupid jokes from stupid smokes

Frozen in time while I move on.

It’s not that you are wrong

But then neither am I.

There has to be credit given for changing before you die.

I don’t want my children to wonder while

I have a glaze in my eyes and a faraway smile.

So yes I’m sorry I may not be as fun

To me it’s more important to be mum.

(c) Slumpless





Would You Remember Me?

Untitled design (2)

Would you remember me dear

If I disappeared?

Would you remember  the picnics ?

Cracking eggs into the batter

The painting, the splatter?

Would you remember me holding you when you fell

Kissing your cheeks, holding you tight

Tucking you into bed at night ?

Would you remember how I stared at you in wonder

Love tearing me asunder?

Would you remember the books we read

The films we watched

How  my heart never felt so full.

Would you remember it beating close to your head

Would you remember anything I said?

Oh my love, my darling, my joy

If I were in the ground

Would you remember the sound

Of my voice ?

Would I want you to ?

(c) Slumpless