Would You Remember Me?

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Would you remember me dear

If I disappeared?

Would you remember  the picnics ?

Cracking eggs into the batter

The painting, the splatter?

Would you remember me holding you when you fell

Kissing your cheeks, holding you tight

Tucking you into bed at night ?

Would you remember how I stared at you in wonder

Love tearing me asunder?

Would you remember the books we read

The films we watched

How  my heart never felt so full.

Would you remember it beating close to your head

Would you remember anything I said?

Oh my love, my darling, my joy

If I were in the ground

Would you remember the sound

Of my voice ?

Would I want you to ?

(c) Slumpless

Remember That.

They say it’s love before sight

And it’s true.

I loved you before you were born.

Before you were torn from me.

Before those tiny hands grabbed my fingers

And your cries filled the night. READ MORE

Let Me

Please bring me to the sea
And smother me in cream.
Let me run on the burning sand
Straight into the water
As if I were your daughter
Your son
Let me have fun.
I don’t want to make picnics
I don’t want to pack the bags.

Please please bring me to the sea
Cover me up in sand
Right up to my neck.
What the heck?
Let me build castles
Let me catch crabs.
I don’t want to care
About my hair.
I don’t want to hide from the tide.

Oh please bring me to the sea
Let me baste in saltwater
Let me taste ice cream
Watch the clouds and dream.
I don’t want to chat
Or worry about being fat.
I just want to be free.
Oh do bring me to the sea.
Let me run wild
Let me be child.

(c) Slumpless