Oh dear. Oh dear

I’m unraveling again.

There I go- losing what little grip I had

I’m clay swiveling around the potter’s wheel

No hands are holding me. Moulding me.

Oh dear. Oh dear.

I worked so hard to become more malleable.

Oh what a shame.

That’s what they’ll say.

I could be a vase but instead I’m just


(c) Slumpless



My heart crunched as you walked past me

Tiny pieces  of it flaking away

I thought I was done with this

I thought I had moved on

But you will always crunch

You will always take pieces of me.

(c) Slumpless





Stay with me

Don’t go back to her

Don’t take your hand from my hip

Your brow from my lip.

Stay all day

Stay forever

Because when you leave

I am other

While now I am it

As your fingers play with my…..

(c) Slumpless

The Workings Of Me

The Workings Of ME.png

I felt the cutting in my blood

A little sharp tingling  and suddenly  more

My guts spilled out

All over the floor.

Sharing my innards with the world

Absurd. Absurd. Absurd.

The beautiful skin I’m in… is gone

Now all you can ever see

Are the grimy, slimy, workings of me.

This inexplicable desire to share

Makes me in-human

So please beware.

I will spill my guts on the floor

You’ll want less because I give more.

It doesn’t pour but it will always rain

When you show the world your inner pain.

(c) Slumpless






Oh silver lining

Please keep shining

Come and meet me. Greet me.

I have looked for you for hours

But you are locked in towers.

Doors of lead are stronger than you.

Than me.

And those clouds are black without you

Full of water, full of soak

And I’m just a joke

My eyes searching for the glimmer

That hopeful shimmer

That will let me see tomorrow

That will allow me to live

Oh silver lining. Give. Give.


(c) Slumpless


Untitled design (4)

I fought a good fight

But tonight I need to rest

Lay my head against your chest.

I need to stop for  a while

Caus I won’t be any good

Without that gentle

Thud.Thud. Thud.

I can fight again tomorrow

I will get up again and start

But for now, just for now

I need your precious heart.

(c) Slumpless

I Like You More

I like you more when you’re  a whore

You are less guarded, less eager to impress

You take but you also give

You live, Whore, You live.

But you love too. You love more.

I don’t think I can call you whore

I don’t think it’s fair

Perhaps ‘Lover’ is better

But it has less flare.

No…Whore you shall be


Let the world judge you so

You may be a whore but you

Are certainly not a Hoe.

(c) Slumpless


Endless Grey



Endless Grey (2).png

The shards of glass are in my blood again

And every pulse of my brittle heart

A sharp flash to flesh .

I’m bleeding out

And all I can say

Is this crimson tide is better than the


The Endless Grey.

(c) Slumpless


Grow Up

Don’t make our life together seem mundane

Just because your friends paint their walls black

And ours are eggshell blue.

Don’t make me feel like I’m a bore

Because your friends smoke weed all day

While I sit at a desk and type.

I could just as easily stop you know.

I could wear baggy trousers and braid my hair.

Pop pills for breakfast and acid for tea.

I blame the movies. That romantic hue

That colors everything they do.

Makes it seem dreamy, makes us seem dim

Dreary. Dreary. That’s how you see us now.

Go live your dreams then. Go open a brewery.

Wear a t-shirt with your favorite band.

Cartwheel in the sand.

Laugh at stupid jokes from stupid smokes

Frozen in time while I move on.

It’s not that you are wrong

But then neither am I.

There has to be credit given for changing before you die.

I don’t want my children to wonder while

I have a glaze in my eyes and a faraway smile.

So yes I’m sorry I may not be as fun

To me it’s more important to be mum.

(c) Slumpless





Split milk


Split Milk.jpg

I will split you with this forked tongue

You won’t know  until it’s done

When half of you yearns

While the other squirms.

I will unleash what’s inside

A wicked tempest and tide.

Call me Pandora.Scream my wretched name

It’s not a game.

Well… not for you.

Do you deserve it ? Do you think you do?

Think. Think. Think.

Your creamy milky skin is ugly now.

Split. All over the floor.

I won’t cry over it anymore.

(c) Slumpless