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I’d Rather Be a Failure by Edgar A. Guest –

Cherry Pop 


I lied to you.I lied to myself.

I’m hundreds and thousands

Sprinkling a million emotions on you.

You see rainbow but I’m an empty pot.

Run away. Run away.

That’s what I tell myself.

But your’re the cake to my flake.

Cherry to my pop

I’ll enhance your flavour

But only if you let me.

(C) Slumpless

Tall Tales

Tall Tales.jpg

Cinderella said she lost her shoe by ‘accident’

But she was no fool

She knew the prince adored her.

She had felt his arousal against her leg.

Snow white flirted with all the huntsmen

It got her stepmother’s back up

When she shagged them in the stables.

Hansel and Gretel were too close for comfort

Their parents didn’t know what to do.

They sent them to the old lady in the woods

Hoping for a cure.

But their lust for one another was unquenchable.

They killed her for trying to tear them apart.

Read between the lines.

Question everything.

The world is full of  tall tales

And we lap them up like children.

(c) Slumpless


Come now


Come now and follow me

Into the sea. Into the water

Let your feet slide into the depths of this

The depths of bliss.

I promise you’ll like it

I urge you

To submerge you

You can shrug those clothes off

It’s warm down here and we are but limpets

Clinging to each other while hell raises above us

In a scummy foam each time we moan

Silken skin and salty hair

Wetness everywhere.

Your eyes may close to adapt to the change

But soon you won’t find anything strange

So dive… dive in deep

Because before now you were fast


(c) Slumpless




I will always hold you in my iris

In my vessels

In the spools of blood

The great, the no good.

Part of me will never be free

Of your terse tone

Your dulcet moan

I loved you too much

I didn’t hold back

I followed you into the black

They were always dark

Those irises of mine

But in you I found something divine

So when I say forever

Despite your sighs

Know you will always be held captive

Within these eyes.




My Emotional Calendar


What it’s like living in a ‘temperate’ climate:

January start not good for the heart.

Its endless grey takes my breath away.

February is worse with its dreadful curse

Of feeling it should be spring

But instead: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing

What about ‘Valentine’?

I hear you whine?


One ok day. Then back to grey.

Oh dear then there’s March another month of bleak

Week after wretched week.

April doesn’t fare much better

Oh yeah and the weather is wetter.

Hurray it’s May …at last Summer

No wait .. more rain … bummer

Oh June please bring in the sun

I’m dying for beachtime fun

Wait wait July is dry… ish

Summer living a distant wish.

August  a surprise

With its beautiful blue skies

September I can breathe with yearning

The leaves are finally turning.

October.I begin to dream

And look forward to Halloween.

November you bring frost and sometimes snow

I love sitting beside the fire’s glow.

December darkness is dotted with lights

Oh how I love the Christmas sights.

I adore the smells, the cold the glimmer

In Winter time I really shimmer.

But wait oh wait it’s really scary

Already back to January.

(c) Slumpless