I was normal today. Whatever that is.

Different to what I ‘normally’ am I suppose.

It crept up on me quietly. Took away the din in my head.

I noticed it when I just got up of bed.

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I have reclaimed the magic
It's tragic I left it so long.
I can ask the universe a question
And it will answer.
The stars have become part of me again
Their twinkle in time in with my heartbeat.
My arms can hold the universe
While my head rests on the moon.

I forgot that I was this powerful
That my blood pumped in time with the heavens
That I could travel through a million dreams
Unseen but present.
Do you believe me ? Do you think it's true?
It doesn't really matter. 
It's not me. It's you.

(c) Slumpless




Fumigate my brain please.

Blast away those critters that flutter there.

They never quit

They just flit and flit.

Filling me with dread

Buzzing around my head.

When that's done, please hose down my mind.

It's covered in mould

All things untold

That eat away at my core

Making me worse than before.

Cleanse me. Soak me in the river.

Let me shake and shiver.

Maybe then the noise will cease.

Then someday I can be at peace.

(c) Slumpless