Be A Balloon


Why can’t you just be cheery

This once?

When I’m feeling so damn down

Couldn’t you just pick me up?

Instead you tie lead weights to my ankles

And wait for me to drown.

You wait until I’m rock bottom

Then dredge the silt so I can fall further.

Why can’t  you be a balloon ?

(c) Slumpless

Split milk


Split Milk.jpg

I will split you with this forked tongue

You won’t know  until it’s done

When half of you yearns

While the other squirms.

I will unleash what’s inside

A wicked tempest and tide.

Call me Pandora.Scream my wretched name

It’s not a game.

Well… not for you.

Do you deserve it ? Do you think you do?

Think. Think. Think.

Your creamy milky skin is ugly now.

Split. All over the floor.

I won’t cry over it anymore.

(c) Slumpless



Blank (2)

I read between the lines

And created worlds that did not exist

Your meaning may have been blurred

But in between there was:


I suppose I had to fill it with something.

I made more of your simple grammar

Created metaphors where there were none

I gave you credit for filling up my pages

But all you did was erase my story.

(C) Slumpless


And though I drew strength from you

You destroyed me.

You made me forget the depths of my own source.

You tousled the jet black thoughts right out of my head 

But doused me in your viscous well.

I will derive a new me to replace the old 

The one as good as gold.

I’ll lock out the smokey hue of you soon enough.

You called my bluff with your huff.

Your puff.

You won’t blow my house down. 

Not brick but better metal here.

The blood you taste is from your own knuckles.

There’s no buckling here.

(C) Slumpless 

Keep me keen

Treat me mean? I won’t stay keen.

I’ll get bored if I’m not adored.

Giving me less doesn’t impress.

if I have to wonder too much

About our next touch

Or wait too long.

Absence makes my heart forget.

In a while crocodile?

Get F%#*ed Daffy Duck.

(C) Slumpless


You took the liquid magic out of me
Siphon, siphon until I shriveled up
Became a prune.
“Why are you so wretched? ” You cried
When you are the one who left me dried. READ MORE


You’re the meaner of us both

I always thought I was

But your forked tongue and fangs

Have bitten off more than they can chew

Even for you.

I hope you choke.

Oh wait now it’s my turn.

I don’t really mean it but  I sense  that you do.

I sense your claws drawing

That’s quite the picture you’re painting.

Me in demon red

Using my blood.

Oh can we ever go back

To the lap dog days ?

(c) Slumpless