I woke up today and tried to shrug

Shrug away the old me

The one that overthinks everything

The one that lies in bed and lets her thoughts sprint without a warm-up

Shrug away the person who has to check herself a million times

Before she leave the house

(If she leaves)

But oh my shoulders are tired.

All this shrugging. All this trying.

I wear too heavy a mantle

And it will take more than a shrug

To set my bones free.

(c) Slumpless


Crazy Lazy


Please don’t call me lazy

I know I’ve been on the couch all day

But I have been running around

Lost and never found.

These thoughts of mine are more tiring than you can imagine

They keep me here.

Trapped in fear.

Please don’t call me lazy.

I know I’m not dressed. I know I’m a mess.

Today I am bathed in anxiety and stress.

Putting on clothes for what ? For who ? For you ?

I’m not lazy. I’m not.

I’m in a bad spot.

Where everything I try is just too fucking much.

Where everything I touch

Turns to shit.

Don’t call me lazy.

But do call me crazy.

Because that’s how I feel.

That’s more real.

And although you may not relate

It’s a more honest state.

Crazy is better than lazy

If lazy even exists.

But there is a shimmer. There is a light..

Today I write.

(c) Slumpless




You see me only, when I’m bubblegum,

Lots of fun

Pink and light

Oh what a sight !

You will think I’m sugar

A little too sweet

Good in small doses

An occasional treat

But when I pop

Gone is my air

The bubble I was

Is no longer there.

I’m stuck to your face

Unpleasant and sticky

Much more complicated

Much more tricky

I may appear fluffy

I may appear pink

But I never seem to float

I just tend to sink

(c) Slumpless