Lonely Boy

I’m not special

I’m just a cushion for you to rest your head.

When I go..I’m dead,

Or as good as.

Oh lonely boy.

You always need to fill the gaps

You’re afraid of your own thoughts.

Sitting alone is not an option for you.

I know it.

I am the same.

But the difference with this soul

Is self control.

I fill the void with other things

Things that won’t hurt you if you find out.

So lonely boy , what’s it going to be ?

Rest for a while on my breast then move on to the next ?

Or are you finally ready to call me home ?

Deal with your demons, I can see them lurking in corners

They play with mine.

But memories are just smoke

And if you breathe out

You can blow them away.

(C) Slumpless


Golden sands

You don’t belong on golden sands

Holding hands

Smiling into the sunset.

You have miles to go on rocky roads

On paths cemented with lies

Disheveled bits of all the hearts you chewed and then spat out

Do you really think the sun will set on your behaviour and rise on your command?

Do you really think you can burn the hand that holds your head on her lap

And ever go back ?

You don’t belong on beaches

In blue waters

With anyone’s daughters.

So stay on rougher ground

Be a hog and sink in mud

Because golden sands are made for the good.

(C) Slumpless

Brain Dead

I have figured it out.

I understand Heaven.

It was never trees and water.

It was never your Mother or your long lost daughter.

No. It’s not gurgling brooks and Angels on Lyres

Away from sulfur and brimstone fires.

Heaven is silence.

Golden and complete

Nothing then more… nothing

And then… repeat.

No more whirring thoughts

No more: what if’s and but’s.

Heaven is complete shut down

No worries or pain

It is the eternal slumber

Of your worn out brain.

(c) Slumpless

Things that never fade


Barnacles of guilt cling to my underbelly
Ugly protrusions that only I can see
They form the frame of me
This terrible guilt. This terrible guilt.
I wish. I wish. I wish I were a fish.
What’s the point of wishing ?
Better to go fishing.
I’m no ordinary vessel though
I’m tethered to the shore
Forever wanting more
The salty water is furrowing my bow
The seagulls laughing because I hold no plunder
All thunder.
No electricity here.
I hear whales singing or rather I feel it in my neck
My hull.my skull.
Echoes of all the wrongs I ever did
The ones I hid
They re the ones that stick
Gouge them off with a sharp blade ?
You think I haven’t tried?
Water laps at the edges of me. A little acid from a world gone mad for things that never fade.
Eroding my core. Reminding me I’m a wh….
The rope is taking longer to fray
Soon I’ll be a skeleton ship.
Tied at the hip.
Soon I’ll be a frame. Only a frame
With creatures chewing my brain.
Those barnacles though. Well they ‘ll just cling to some other thing. Something good.
Rock not wood.

(c) Slumpless


I’m tossing and turning

Twisted in the memories of you

I just want to be alone so I can savor them

Flavor them with all my nuances.

You licked the core of me

As I read to you.

Your hands stroked me

Over and over like I was made of puppies.

And I think I wagged my tail

Just for your bone.

God I can’t stand not getting you

All the time .

Rapid breaths over and over.

Roll me. Knead me.

I need you.

Feast on moistened flesh

That rises and expands with heat.

I’m in hell until I see you

Again and again and again.




You’re missing a ‘W’ in everything you do

Ork, ant, ill

I can never be your ‘ife’

With just a tinkle in your life.

(c) Slumpless