My Emotional Calendar


What it’s like living in a ‘temperate’ climate:

January start not good for the heart.

Its endless grey takes my breath away.

February is worse with its dreadful curse

Of feeling it should be spring

But instead: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing

What about ‘Valentine’?

I hear you whine?


One ok day. Then back to grey.

Oh dear then there’s March another month of bleak

Week after wretched week.

April doesn’t fare much better

Oh yeah and the weather is wetter.

Hurray it’s May …at last Summer

No wait .. more rain … bummer

Oh June please bring in the sun

I’m dying for beachtime fun

Wait wait July is dry… ish

Summer living a distant wish.

August  a surprise

With its beautiful blue skies

September I can breathe with yearning

The leaves are finally turning.

October.I begin to dream

And look forward to Halloween.

November you bring frost and sometimes snow

I love sitting beside the fire’s glow.

December darkness is dotted with lights

Oh how I love the Christmas sights.

I adore the smells, the cold the glimmer

In Winter time I really shimmer.

But wait oh wait it’s really scary

Already back to January.

(c) Slumpless




Crazy Lazy


Please don’t call me lazy

I know I’ve been on the couch all day

But I have been running around

Lost and never found.

These thoughts of mine are more tiring than you can imagine

They keep me here.

Trapped in fear.

Please don’t call me lazy.

I know I’m not dressed. I know I’m a mess.

Today I am bathed in anxiety and stress.

Putting on clothes for what ? For who ? For you ?

I’m not lazy. I’m not.

I’m in a bad spot.

Where everything I try is just too fucking much.

Where everything I touch

Turns to shit.

Don’t call me lazy.

But do call me crazy.

Because that’s how I feel.

That’s more real.

And although you may not relate

It’s a more honest state.

Crazy is better than lazy

If lazy even exists.

But there is a shimmer. There is a light..

Today I write.

(c) Slumpless