How are you?


All we do these days is compete

Which one of us is more depressed?

Your slouching shoulders tell me it’s your turn

But I’m still staying in bed all day.

‘How are you?’ Has become a rhetorical question.

I don’t really want to know and neither do you.

We don’t so much discuss as rant.

Shouldn’t. Wouldn’t. Can’t

No my day was worse.

No I’m more tired.

No I’m the one closer to getting fired.

To think that once we tried

To colour our days pink

To lay roses on the ground to cover the mud.

Now it’s no good.

But wait. Wait.

We can stop. We can change.

Let’s just pretend.

Fake it for a while until the smiles are less strange.

Let’s be better.

Let’s try to bring in the light

Because I’m really fed up

Of this dark depressing plight.

(c) Slumpless