Caraway Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Goat’s Cheese

This is super duper easy and a yummy breakkie or supper. I do this on a Saturday morning instead of a heavy fry.IMG_20160917_094713596 (1).jpg


Cherry tomatoes – as many as you want

Caraway seeds– spoon or two (cumin/fennel seeds either)

Rock salt– a pinch

Pepper– pinch

Olive Oil– a splash

Balsamic vinegar – Optional

Avocado– peel and chop and put on plate

Spreadable goats cheese– tablespoon

Toasted bread of choice.

Special Utensils

Oven proof dish

Healthy appetite


Pop the tomatoes in oven proof dish, add oil, caraway seeds, salt and pepper.

Roast at 200 degrees Celcius for 15-20 mins

Add dollop of goats cheese when out of oven.

Pour over avocado on plate

Serve with buttered toast and splash of balsamic vinegar.

Divine. Don’t forget a cuppa coffee !!

(C) Slumpless

Bake The Pain Away



I baked today

And hoped that if they rose

Then so would I.

As I sifted the flour

I let my thoughts sift too

Speck after speck of tiny thought

Wired and fraught.

Falling like lazy snow

Maybe if I created

Something good to taste

Today would not be a waste.

I would have something to share

To show I care

Or at least pretend to.

Oh that beautiful chemistry

Of exactly the right mix

Of sugar and spice

‘And all things nice’

There’s magic in this kitchen

There’s healing in this bowl

I think I was right to bake today

I feel better in my soul.

(c) Slumpless.