My heart crunched as you walked past me

Tiny pieces  of it flaking away

I thought I was done with this

I thought I had moved on

But you will always crunch

You will always take pieces of me.

(c) Slumpless






For just a moment I see the light again

The shimmering reasons why

I used to love you more than was ever good for me.

Flash. Flash.

There it is again

Like driving through a tunnel of trees

The light hitting my face in places

The magic promise of what might be waiting

The forgotten glimmer of times gone by.

But then

The clouds come

And the air stills

And I feel all that is bright


All that flashes now

Are the reasons why

I have to leave or


(c) Slumpless




You matter

They say that atoms are mainly space

But mine are filled with you.

Every corner of me has made you welcome.

The caverns of once unused thoughts are full

And now I am dense…heavy.

You are wedged in the core

The tiniest,slightest pore

I brim with your blood and mine

Tortured but divine

(c) Slumpless



You Won’t Forget Me


I am borne of the darkest ink

The kind that sinks

And pools in your soul

I can’t be lightened

But don’t be frightened

I will colour you dark

I will leave my mark

Etched in your pores

Forming sores

I will pump through your veins

Drive you insane

You will not forget me

You can’t.

(c) Slumpless


Just A Bore

Could I really be this boring

And love just you, for life?

Is my heart really so small?

I thought I was better than that.

I thought there were caverns in there

Still empty, still pulsing for new blood.

But I was mistaken.

You were just quieter in some parts

But there nonetheless.

I was sure I was whore to the core

But no… I admit

I’m just a bore.

(c) Slumpless


The softest touch and my skin will crack.

A hairline but compromised just the same.

It’s all a game.

You’re the bludgeon.

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Why didn’t you wait?

Why didn’t you wait until summer ?

When my legs are bare and can wrap around you.

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