I have a belly full of bile

Acid running up my throat

I think that ringing sound is in my head.

I’m filled with dread.

Am I  about to jump out of a plane?

Stand up and make a speech to a room full of suits?

It certainly looks that way.

I wish this feeling would stop.

I’m only going to the shop.

(c) Slumpless





‘What’s in a name?’

Shame. Shame.Shame.

I would be giving you the key to me

My thoughts would be censored


No it’s better this way.

No fame. No fuss.

I would rather be anonywuss.





I found you at last

In the most unexpected of places

Slowly. Slowly. Do you feel it too?

I think you do.

I see it in your eyes.

Those pools of blue.

But mine are dark and I don’t know if I should pull you in

To swim. To swim.

You know the depths of me.

The salt and fresh water that flow in my sea.

But what about yours?

Where are your ripples?

Or are you riptide?

And I’m the one being dragged in.

(c) Slumpless