Lamb of Sod


I bleated to the sky

I am a lamb in the wind on the hill

The clouds have darkened and there is a storm

Oh who will keep me warm?

Do you not have wool child?

Make use of it.

Soon it will be mild

And the best of you will be used to heat others.

No not your brothers.

Those that will eat you to bone.

And leave you all alone.

Today enjoy your heat

For tomorrow you will be meat.

(c) Slumpless



Hold this bag of bones

This sack of twisting, writhing nerves

Squeeze the fear out of me

Or hold it in.

I am a messy friend today

I will cry and laugh at the same time

I will jangle in the skin I’m in

Rattle and shake

Wet like a lake

My depths know no bounds

The bottom of me is murky

I can’t get away with quirky


Hold me please. Restrain me

Otherwise I will


(C) Slumpless