Swipe Left

I’m all misinformed and misaligned

These bones and thoughts just will not bind

This shell I’m in, just doesn’t go

With all the true things I know

My world is small because of my face

This misguided generation, this judging race

All they see are thinner lips

Uneven teeth … lumpy hips

What do they want ?

Are they insane?

To continue to ignore my wonderful brain !

Ok so it’s it’s not that amazing

I’m no Einstein

But give me a chance.

Give me time.

Don’t swipe left, give me a go

I’m amazing in bed for all you know.

Ok I’m not but you won’t find out

If you base your assessment on a glossy pout.

A sign that I care and am really me

Is that I’m not always taking a selfie

I’m out actually enjoying the fresh air

Instead of wondering about my hair.

So yes, the looks are what draw you in

But in a month your eyes will look within

So skip to me, I’m worth a shot

I promise I’ll give you all I got

(C) Slumpless



You’re tiring of me

Quick as quick

I can already feel the limpness in your dick.

What a pity. What a shame.

The fire between us , isn’t eternal flame.

So, so sad. So, so tragic.

That I can no longer work my magic.

‘Treat you mean and keep you keen’?

A kick to the guts? A jab to spleen?

Must I really become a shard

In order for you to get hard?

Screw it. Let this thing end

Before we are no longer friends.

(c) Slumpless

Judge Mental

No. I wouldn't say I'm judgmental.Sorry.. what's that-You don't drink coffee -.jpg

No… I wouldn’t say I’m judgmental.

Sorry. What’s that?

You don’t drink coffee?

Wuss! ūüôā


(c) Slumpless


googleGoogle:The perfect cure to ever thinking you have an original thought.(c) Slumpless (Or should I bother? – it’s already been done :D)


I Like You More

I like you more when you’re  a whore

You are less guarded, less eager to impress

You take but you also give

You live, Whore, You live.

But you love too. You love more.

I don’t think I can call you whore

I don’t think it’s fair

Perhaps ‘Lover’ is better

But it has less flare.

No…Whore you shall be


Let the world judge you so

You may be a whore but you

Are certainly not a Hoe.

(c) Slumpless



I feel it coming and it’s not fair.

Your blue eyes and peppered hair.

They call is transference, I’m pretty sure

That awful attraction, that undeniable lure. READ MORE:

Ode to WordPress

I was quite the mess

Before you WordPress.

How I’ve grown to adore that little brown dot

Around which I ¬†judge my work…my worth

No I’m just kidding

But it means a lot .. that brown dot.

How my heart sings when I see

That beautiful ‘W’. The perfect font

It’s all I want.

No I’m just kidding again.

But it’s true

I do love that ‘W’.

As for your staff they have been truly great

Even if  questions to WordPress do not relate !

Thank you again for letting me express

My ups and downs

My joys, my stress.

All kidding aside

This is where I hide.

Lose myself on my site

Out of sight.

“More Words Less Slump”?

Without you I’d be a chump

Talking to walls.

Last but by no  means least

My fellow bloggers, my fellow writers

My fellow fighters:

Thank you for reading

Please never stop.