As you dwindled on the pyre

Sparks flew higher and higher.

Then one brave spark came to me

I watched it flicker, it was all I could see.

Through my stomach it burnt its way

And I was filled with you and what you could do

The magic spark that your life was made of

Was the making of mine now.

I knew I had power.

You had bitten me in death

With your smokey breath

While your embers  are still burning

I am already turning.

Fyre. Desyre.


(c) Slumpless




‘Oh you’re a wiry one’

She would say this without malice but the words hurt all the same.

Did she mean sharp? I have a sharp tongue I’m told and it slices strips off you.

Maybe she meant that I could never sit still

That there was a tremor in my blood

Electricity always running through my core

Well I tell you, I’m electric no more.

‘Is there a pulse?’ I hear this in the distance but all I see is her face and slow thud of my heart fading.

‘ A wiry one’. I smile inside.

I’ll ask her what she meant.

(C) Slumpless 



‘He was in love with you.. did you know that?’

It’s too late now. Too late.

What can I do ?

Look back at all the gazes

All those confusing moments

I thought I had imagined them all

That I had been the only one to fall.

‘no one knew it except me. He was afraid .. you see?’

He was afraid and so was I

It’s too late now to even cry.

I am silent now as they put you in the ground.

Nothing but my heart making a sound.

It’s beating right out of chest

As your lovely body is laid to rest.

Now all I can think about is that day

When you were supposed to meet me

But you didn’t.

And I never called you again.



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I fought a good fight

But tonight I need to rest

Lay my head against your chest.

I need to stop for  a while

Caus I won’t be any good

Without that gentle

Thud.Thud. Thud.

I can fight again tomorrow

I will get up again and start

But for now, just for now

I need your precious heart.

(c) Slumpless




For just a moment I see the light again

The shimmering reasons why

I used to love you more than was ever good for me.

Flash. Flash.

There it is again

Like driving through a tunnel of trees

The light hitting my face in places

The magic promise of what might be waiting

The forgotten glimmer of times gone by.

But then

The clouds come

And the air stills

And I feel all that is bright


All that flashes now

Are the reasons why

I have to leave or


(c) Slumpless